Creative and Healthy No Bread Lunch Idea

no bread lunch idea

If like me you have enjoyed Christmas a little too much, you may be looking for inspiration on how to cut down on calories for January. Check out my creative and healthy no bread lunch idea below that even the kids will love!

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For your no bread lunch you will need:

  • Half a cucumber
  • A traditional sandwich filling of your choice (I used tuna, low fat mayonnaise and spring onions)
  • A melon baller or spoon

I hope you enjoy.

Other fillings that work well in a cucumber sub include:

  • Ham with cream cheese or hummus
  • Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and lemon
  • Cooked Chicken shredded with mayonnaise and spring onion or stuffing
  • Smoked Fish Paté
  • Egg Mayonnaise

One of our readers also suggested using peppers instead of a cucumber or I have used a lettuce leaf (Little Gem) as a sandwich holder in the past.

If you have another no bread lunch idea, please share it with us in the comments box below. 

No Bread Lunch Idea

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