Back to school colouring pages to delight the kids


School, school friends and teachers are such a big part of our children’s lives. With back to school on the horizon, you may have a little one going to school for the first time or you may be a busy teacher who is looking for some inspirational colouring pages to kick off the school year.   We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive selection of “back to school” and other colouring pages.  

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#1.  Activity Village

activity village

Apples, desks, teachers or even the school caretaker!   Activity Village colouring pages section has a wide and varied selection of colouring topics suitable for back to school but also has a wonderful selection of resources of colouring pages for any occasion or special event.



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#2. Twistynoodle

twisty noodle

This is a great back to school resource.  Simply choose your desired colouring image. After you add your own text or header, you can then customise the font, for example change it to outline or joined if your students are learning those skills and print it out!  Easy and so clever!



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#3. Coloringcastle

colouring castle

As well as providing some familiar and useful printable images on back to school, this site from also allows you to get into the specifics of the school daily needs like the Alphabet, clock colouring, numbers and shapes.


#4. Surfnetkids

surfnet image

This site from Surfnetkids  has a good selection of back to school images, covering everything from kids reading, desks, apples, teachers and back packs.  Simply download and print.

However it also offers many different other options including numbers, people, patterns, objects and related school activities that ensures its a one-stop-shop for all back to school needs.





Want a simple, no-fuss go to site that gives you abundance of choice?  is for you.  As well as the familiar images on back to school colouring for kids, this gives you a huge selection of different categories: animals and nature, history, movie characters, festivities and activities.  Simply click into them and then you get a number of choices under each sub-heading. A brilliant tool kit for any parent, carer or school teacher out there!

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#6.   Disney Junior


Liven up those early school children with some characters they will definitely want to colour.  This has the most up to date Disney characters that your little ones will instantly recognise: Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins, The Hive, Handy Manny etc.  Simply click on the ones you require and a number of related images to that theme will be displayed.  Then just click!


Over to you?  What inspires you when preparing for your child’s back to school colouring needs?  Let us know in the comment box below.


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