FREE 8 Week Back to School Planner to Avoid Last Minute Panic!


June 24, 2022

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Getting organised for back to school can be hectic. With school books, uniforms, stationery, school bags and lunch boxes to purchase and new schedules to remember, it can be overwhelming if you leave everything to the last minute! Work your way through our free 8-week back to school planner to help avoid last minute panic, with week-by-week tips to remove the stress.

Weekly Tips for Planning for Back to School

I don’t know about you, but Back to School always ends up being a lot to organise. With my eldest in secondary school and the youngest about to start secondary, there’s a lot to get between books, bags, lunchboxes, shoes and uniforms. Then you’re worrying about them growing after you’ve bought stuff as well!

We have created an 8-week plan with plenty of tips to help parents get ready. Download the free printable version, complete with space for lists and reminders.


Week 1: Catch Those Early Birds!

back to school planner

Get your books and uniform organised to avail of any early bird discounts now. Check what crested bits your school requires and then you can shop around for non specific items.

Week 2: School Bags

Buy it when your child is there to avoid “I don’t like that one” and to make sure the size works for their height.

Check out our pick of the best school bags for kids.

Week 3: Stationery

Start buying your stationery bits, make sure any pencil case you buy is going to be big enough to hold all their bits and pieces.

Week 4: Lunchbox

We have a list of the best lunchboxes recommended by parents. Make sure your child can open their new lunchbox easily, give it a trial run with them.


Our FREE back to school planner makes getting back to school a breeze – we’ve even added to do lists and spaces for things to remember. If you stick to the schedule you’ll be super organised come back to school time!


Week 5: Budget for Back to School

Add any expected school costs in to your family budget for September to December, e.g. insurance, voluntary contribution, next year’s Back to School savings, etc so that you can plan for the extra expenditure.

Week 6: Shoes

Time to buy the shoes and trainers. Read our top tips for buying school shoes. Check out this handy footwear measuring guide that you can print off and use to measure your child’s feet to ensure the perfect fit every time.

Week 7: Coat

It’s time to organise another of the back to school essentials and buy a good autumn/winter coat. Don’t forget to check that it fits over the new uniform.

Week 8: Dry Run and Final Prep

The last week is all about the final prep. Here are 3 key things to do:

  1. Have your child try on the uniform and make sure everything still fits!
  2. Walk/drive the school route if it’s new to you, to make sure you know the way and can time it (bearing in mind increased traffic when schools are back).
  3. Leave some time to pick up those last minute bits and start thinking about what to put in the lunchbox.
back to school planner

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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