Top Tips for Buying School Shoes

tips for buying school shoes school unifroms

Your child will spend anything from 5 to 10 hours a day in their school shoes so it is essential that they are comfortable and fit well along with conforming to your school’s uniform rules. We have put together some top tips for buying school shoes in association with M&S Ireland.

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Measure Feet

Don’t rely on using measurements from other shoes, measure your child’s feet before you purchase school shoes. Sometimes one foot will be slightly larger than the other, so be sure to measure both feet for the perfect fit. M&S have a handy footwear measuring guide that you can print off and use to measure your child’s feet to ensure the perfect fit every time.

Download the handy M&S Kids Footwear Measuring Guide

Buy New

M&S School Shoes Tips for Buying School Shoes

I am a firm believer in buying pre-loved for most items but when it comes to shoes, including school shoes, I think it is best to buy new.

Every person has a unique foot. They will walk in a different way to everyone else and shoes will wear at different points for each individual.

So when it comes to school shoes, buy new to ensure your child is comfortable and getting the support their feet need in the right places.

M&S have a full range of school shoes, trainers & plimsols for both boys and girls available to purchase online and in-store. All school footwear has Freshfeet Technology to combat the bacteria that caused odours, ensuring your child’s feet stay fresh all day. The school shoes range offer a variety of different fastenings and sizes.

Shop the full school uniform range from M&S online and in-store

Buy Sturdy Shoes

School shoes are not meant to be the latest fashion accessory, although for older children you will have to get their input as the last thing they want is to stand out from the crowd!

Your child will spend hours each day in them so buying a sturdy shoe with good support for arches will keep them comfortable and support their feet as they grow.

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Buy Appropriate School Shoes

school uniform tips for buying school shoes

Most schools will have strict uniform guidelines and trainers may only be allowed for PE days. Even if this is not the case, trainers are best kept for out of school or for PE.

Also check if your school has a policy on non-marking soles, and check with the retailer before you purchase your shoes.

When buying school shoes for younger children, ensure they can tie them themselves, whether that be velcro or laces. This will make for a smoother morning routine and easier when they need to change shoes on PE days.

Top Tip – Have a place for your child to leave their shoes so that the morning routine runs smoothly and you don’t have to listen to cries of “Mum have you seen my shoes?” as you are trying to get out the door!

When to Buy School Shoes

It is best to buy school shoes close to when your child is starting a new school year. When shopping for them, leave it until the afternoon, as our feet can swell slightly during the day, so to ensure the perfect fit, measure them when they are at their widest!

Caring for School Shoes

shoes in puddle top tips for buying school shoes

Your child should change out of their school shoes as soon as they come home. This will ensure they withstand the test of time, but also will be less likely to scuff. Polish them regularly and if they happen to get wet, stuff them with newspaper so they hold their shape as they dry.

M&S Scuff Resistant Shoes tips for buying school shoes

M&S have a fantastic range of leather, scuff resistant footwear. And with freshfeet technology included too, you will have no worries keeping your child’s school shoes looking as good as new! Shop school footwear.

Over to you now – Do you have any further tips for buying school shoes? Please share them with us in the comments box below.

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