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Fortnite party ideas

Epic Fortnite Party Ideas to Make Your Party Amazing!

Are you gearing up for a birthday Battle Royale? We've got all the Fortnite party ideas you need to throw an epic party –...
Fortnite cakes

21 Amazing Fortnite Cakes and Cupcakes for an Epic Birthday Bash!

No Fortnite party would be complete without a legendary Fortnite cake at the heart of the celebration. These fantastic Fortnite cakes and cupcakes are...
Fortnite party food ideas - Mykidstime

30+ Fortnite Party Food Ideas That Are Totally Floss-Worthy!

Do you have a Fortnite fan in your house? From slurp juice and V Bucks to loot llamas and supply drops, get ready to...

What is The Next Fortnite Game Going To Be?

Fortnite has become one of the most popular online games around, even surpassing Minecraft last year. But what is the next Fortnite game going to be...
fortnite monopoly

Could Fortnite Monopoly Get Your Tweens & Teens Offscreen?

Hasbro have partnered with Epic Games to introduce a range of Fortnite™ inspired play experiences, including a line of officially licensed NERF Fortnite blasters,...
fortnite game

Is Your Child Playing Fortnite? A Parent’s Guide

Is your child using phrases like "whitening about the approaching storm" or talking about The Bubble? Have you heard of Fortnite? Is your child...