21 Amazing Fortnite Cakes and Cupcakes for an Epic Birthday Bash!

Fortnite cakes

No Fortnite party would be complete without a legendary Fortnite cake at the heart of the celebration. These fantastic Fortnite cakes and cupcakes are the perfect inspiration for creating your own epic birthday bash!

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When you’re creating any kind of Fortnite party food, take inspiration from the game itself – supply drops, loot llamas, the terrain, game locations, characters, and so on.

Think about the game terrain, map and colours – grass, camo, skins rarity and colours, etc – and use that for topping cupcakes and cakes. You can buy a grass-effect piping nozzle for decorating cakes, or make buttercream in a few different camouflage colours and alternate them for camo cupcakes.

There are lots of fantastic ideas here for Fortnite cakes and cupcakes – perfect for a legendary party!

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Drool-Worthy Fortnite Cakes and Cupcakes

1. Durr Burger Cake

Fortnite Durr Burger cake

Image: Nanjari – Deviant Art

3. Fortnite Drop Box Cake

4. Logo Cake

Fortnite logo cake

Image: Pinterest

5. Terrain Cupcake Cake

6. Campfire Cake

Fortnite campfire cake

Image: Parent Map


7. Track Side Taco Cake

Fortnite taco cake

Image: Chelsweets

8. Fortnite Llama Cupcake Cake

9. Fortnite Cupcake Cake


10. Grassy Terrain Cake and Cupcakes

Fortnite cupcakes

Image: Made It, Ate It, Loved It

11. Fortnite Marshmello Cake


12. Fortnite Llama Cake

Fortnite llama cake

Image: A Pocketful of Parties – Catch My Party

13. Grassy Terrain Cake

14. Camo Cupcakes

15. Fortnite Marshmello Cake


17. Fortnite Llama Cake

18. Simple Buttercream Cake

Fortnite cake

Image: Hunny I’m Home

19. Fortnite Cupcakes


21. Fortnite Llama Cupcake Cake

Fortnite llama cupcake cake

Image: Pinterest

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Which are your favourite Fortnite cakes? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

21 Fortnite Cakes for an Epic Birthday bash - Mykidstime

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