11 OMG Emoji Cake Ideas That Will Get The Thumbs Up

Emoji Cake Ideas

Who doesn’t love emojis? From heart eyes to kissy faces or cheeky monkeys to the laughable poop, kids in particular are infatuated with these little symbols. If you are throwing an emoji party and are looking for a cake to wow the guests, we have found 11 OMG emoji cake ideas that will get the thumbs up from kids of all ages!

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#1. Simple Emoji Cakes

emoji cake from cool mom picks

Keep it simple with a yellow buttercream-covered cake and printable decorations that you can design yourself. This double-height cake from Cool Mom Picks might be simple, but it definitely delivers on the emoji theme.

#2. Cheeky Monkey Emoji Cake

emoji cake cheeky monkey from Karens Cakes

The mischievous ‘speak no evil’ monkey emoji is a kid-favourite, and this cake from Karen’s Cakes really brings it to life!

#3. Emoji Cake Pops

emoji cakes cakepops

What could be better than cute bite-size emoji cake pops, like these ones from Mary Lou’s Bakehouse? Stand them in glass jars along the party table, and they double up as decorations. We could easily demolish one – or five!

#4. One-Tier Emoji Cake

emoji cake from edible magic

If the birthday child has a favourite emoji, bring it to life with a cheeky twist like this celebration cake from Edible Magic Cake Designs.

#5. Emoji Cupcakes Cake

emoji cake laughing emoji

Go one step further and pair your child’s favourite emoji with a selection of emoji cupcakes. We love this selection we found on Pinterest that shows how you can incorporate everything from a sleepy emoji to the devil emoji – and everything in between! The clever use of fondant circles for the emoji faces, used as toppers for the cupcakes, makes this a real crowd-pleaser.

#6. Poop Emoji Cake Cones

Oh my, do they get any cuter than this? Who would have thought chocolate cake-filled cones decorated to look like the infamous poop emoji would be so delicious? My Little Cakes makes it completely achievable with the how-to video above.

#7. Emoji Cupcakes

emoji cake made from cupcakes on pintrest

If you are catering for a crowd, save yourself the cake-cutting duties and create a number or initial with decorated cupcakes, just like this one we found on Pinterest. It’s the perfect grab-and-go cake option!

#8. Three-Tier Emoji Cake

emoji cake three tier

Incorporate all your emoji favourites with this tiered delight from Sucre en Delire. Sprinkles, a fondant bow and a giant, um, poop emoji top off this beautiful cake.

#9. Buttercream Emoji Cake

emoji cake buttercream cake

If you don’t feel comfortable using fondant icing, or if you just prefer an alternative, look at a buttercream finish like this two-tier creation on Pinterest. Use piping nozzles or gel icing pens to create swirls, hashtags and your own favourite decorations.

#10. Poop Emoji Cake

emoji cake poop emoji

Did you ever think you would make or order a poop cake? No, neither did we, but we just love this poop emoji cake from Bezmerelda Cake Design. There is no doubt whatsoever that all your party guests will remember it!

#11. Show Stopping 3D Emoji Cake

emoji cake blissfully sweet

For a complete showstopper, what about taking inspiration from this spherical cake by Blissfully Sweet Cakes that brings the emoji to life? It is almost too amazing to eat…almost!

Have you tried making any of these emoji cakes? Let us know in the comment box below. 


Emoji Cake Ideas

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