Epic Fortnite Party Ideas to Make Your Party Amazing!

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

September 26, 2019

Fortnite party ideas

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Are you gearing up for a birthday Battle Royale? We’ve got all the Fortnite party ideas you need to throw an epic party – from chug jugs and edible medkits to DIY decorations and supply drop party bags!

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If you are looking for ideas for a Fortnite party then look no further. The popular survival game may have your kids over-excited, but you can just grab a slurp juice and sit back and relax – we’ll take away the stress from throwing a Fortnite party to remember!

And, the best part? There’s no excessive V buck spending with these Fortnite party ideas!

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Fantastic Fortnite Party Ideas

Send Out Your Fortnite Invitations

Before you can get the party started, the party invitations need to be sent out so that your guests will be able to travel to your far-off Island to enjoy the adventure!

It is easy to order bespoke themed invitations from companies like Etsy, Amazon or eBay, many of which are usually instant downloads that you then print yourself. You can have the details printed on many of the Fortnite invitations when ordering, or you can simply print and fill in the details yourself.

You can also buy invitations from your local card or gift shops in Fortnite colours, camouflage or ones that are easily personalised with your party details. Another lovely option is to get your birthday child involved – buy blank cards and then have your child use stickers or cut-out pictures to make their own personalised party invites.

Just don’t forget to include all the party details date, time and location, as well as how to RSVP.

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Set the Scene with Fortnite Party Decorations

There are any number of retailers, online and otherwise, who can supply you with Fortnite party decorations – however, you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations if you are willing to get a little creative!

Here’s where the Fortnite party planning gets really fun! Decorating is important because you want the theme to encompass every aspect of your party. Look how great this party table from Kara’s Party Ideas looks with lots of themed elements, many of which you could recreate at home. The crates in particular would make a great party prop, and you could use lollipop sticks to make your own. Similarly, rolls of kitchen paper make great DIY medkits.

In general, yellow and blue are the perfect colours for decorating for a Fortnite party, but adding in green and black also work well as it brings in the Fortnite game terrain. Palettes, boxes or crates, netting, grass, llamas, and silhouettes would all fit in with the Fortnite theme.

Crates and treasure chests can be used to decorate and also hold food items, napkins and cutlery, games and toys, or even just as a table prop. We found this great tutorial for building your own treasure chest out of cardboard on Create in the Chaos. Paint and decorate it in keeping with the theme – and you can even reuse it afterwards for keeping toys in!

Use an army-style stencil font for any writing that needs to be done, and your printer can be your best friend! Adding homemade signs and labels can make the difference between run of the mill and an epic Battle Royale!

Fortnite parties - Mykidstime (1)

Images: DIY Inspired

We love these Fortnite signs from DIY Inspired that can be used around the house. They fit the theme and are really effective at setting out the different areas of the house for eating, playing, etc.

Fortnite llama pinata

Who doesn’t love a party pinata?! Fortnite fans of all ages will love the ultimate in supply boosts – and we found instructions for you to make your own. Derby Lane Dreams has step-by-step instructions and templates for making your own loot llama pinata.

Floss Like a Boss With These Fortnite Party Games

To get your party underway a great list of games to entertain your gaming loving guests is always handy! How about trying a few of our favourites? Fingers crossed no Medkits required!

#1. Flossing Challenge

Who has the best moves? Recreate the famous Fortnite dance moves and see who comes out on top.

#2. Target Practice

Fortnite party game - Mykidstime

Aim to reach the highest score with some ping-pong balls, plastic cups and a homemade target wall.

#3. Fortnite Treasure Hunt

Before the party, use cardboard to cut out about 100 V Bucks that can then be hidden. The players then search a large area to find the V Bucks. After all the coins have been found they can be turned in to ‘buy’ loot or prizes.

#4. Boogie Hide and Seek

This is a new twist on the classic game of Hide and Seek, but with some dance moves thrown in for style. When the seeker finds a player they call out their name and then they both must dance for 10 seconds.

#5. Capture the Flag

Fortnite obstacle course

To play Capture the Flag, two teams hide their flag and try to defend it from being captured by the other team. It’s a classic game of strategy, tag and teamwork.

We love this garden set-up from Happy Mom Hacks – it’s the perfect setting for any obstacle game!

#6. Shrinking Island

This is a fun game that is a version of Musical Chairs with a Fortnite twist. Just add name cards of the Fortnite island sections and tape the names to chairs.

#7. Fortnite Training Course

Before the party, set up a big obstacle course that kids will run through or have relay-style races in teams. Teams compete to see who can finish the obstacle course first. Trampolines, swing sets and other garden furniture can all be used as challenges in the training. Add in Nerf guns, crawling nets and mud pits (if you’re brave) for added fun!

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#8. Bandage Race

Teams of three race to bandage one of their teammates with 2 rolls of bandages (toilet paper rolls). The first team to use both toilet paper rolls wins!

#9. Nerf Gun War

Assign each player a section of the garden (name it after a location on the Fortnite island) and give them a nerf gun and ammo. In the centre of the area place building materials such as large, medium and small cardboard boxes. Get the players to build a fort, and then let them loose for a Nerf battle.

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Fortnite Party Food

The great thing about Fortnite party food is that it doesn’t need to be too different from what you would usually serve at parties.

The best way to make the food interesting is by using lots of shapes and colour and thinking of creative ways to display it, including themed signs to let everyone know what’s what.

Think about the game terrain and colours – grass, camo, etc – and use that for topping cupcakes and cakes. You can buy a grass-effect piping nozzle for decorating cakes, or make buttercream in a few different camouflage colours and alternate them for camo cupcakes.

Fortnite Marshmello Cupcakes

Or keep it even simpler with cupcake sticks as your decorations – print off some Fortnite pictures (eg, silhouette figures, llamas, V Bucks, medkits, etc), stick them on toothpicks and into your cupcakes.

Serve small cups or bottles filled with juice or water with some blue colouring added – simply labelling them Chug Jugs will make them instantly appealing!

Even simple homemade (or store-bought) sugar cookies can be transformed into V Bucks with a large blue icing V in the centre. Or turn them into medkits with some red and white icing. The possibilities are endless.

Looking for more ideas? We’ve picked 30 of our favourite Fortnite party food ideas for you to take inspiration from!

Fortnite Party Bags

For that perfect take-home memento, we love this idea for creating everyone’s favourite DROP loot bags.

Stencil the word DROP on the front of some plain paper loot bags, and attach a yellow helium balloon, just like these from All Wrapped Up Events. Easy, fun and they definitely fit the theme.

V Bucks fortnite party bag

This idea for V Bucks we spied on Kid Bam is also very clever and effective. Transform regular chocolate coins into V Bucks with a little DIY printing, then pop them into a plastic cello gift bag.

Sweets, crisps and the usual loot bag goodies are always popular, but if you’re looking for ideas to continue the Fortnite theme, what about:

  • Dog tags
  • Gold chocolate coins as V bucks
  • A personal ‘Medkit’ (aka anything wrapped in white with a red cross!)
  • Nerf guns
  • Glow in the dark slime
  • Llama figure or keychain
  • Army or parachute men
  • Camouflage caps or bandanas
  • Water guns
  • Glow sticks
  • A take-home ‘Shield Potion’ (a small bottle of juice, bubbles, etc with a homemade label)
  • Pixy Stix
  • High bounce balls for ‘pulse bombs’

Don’t forget to include each party guest’s certificate for completing the Fortnite Training Course!

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Lead image: Kara’s Party Ideas

Epic Fortnite Party Ideas to Make Your Party Amazing! - Mykidstime

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