20 Great Ideas for Party Food for Kids

BFG Party Food Ideas

Looking for some idea for kids birthday party food?  Here are 20 great ideas for Party Food for kids from Mykidstime parents:

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#1. Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Make some rainbow fruit kebabs or put lots of sliced fruit out on a big plate to share.

Tip: cut grapes in half to make sure smaller kids can eat safely.

#2. Chocolate covered strawberries

strawberry ladybirdsTake 2 bars of chocolate, 1 can be white, 1 milk chocolate and melt them in 30 second bursts in the microwave stirring in between.

Let the kids dip their strawberries into the melted chocolate (or if you prefer less mess, dip each strawberry and allow chocolate to dry.

“These go down a treat and I like the fact that they are getting something healthy and treat-y at the same time”

#3. Rice Krispy Treatsrice krispie bars

Here’s two great recipes for Rice Krispy Buns and Rice Krispie Chewies which are quick and easy to make.

“always a winner at any age”

#4. Party Hedgehogs

Make a Hedgehog for the kids. Take half an orange and using cocktail sticks with cubes of cheese and fruit, push the sticks into the orange to make your hedgehog.

“The kids love it + healthy”

#5. Let Them Dip

DipKids love to dip so the simplest thing is hummus with carrot sticks.

Or give them a couple of different dips to try with breadsticks, pepper slices, even apple slices can be dipped.

#6. Popcorn

We have found that a big bowl of popcorn is constantly a hit at kids parties. We always make our own, prefer it to microwave popcorn and it’s really simple.

  1. Coat a pot with a thin layer of oil then add the popping corn and put the lid on.
  2. Put the pot over a medium heat on the cooker and when you start to hear the popping just give the pot a shake every minute or so to make sure the corn isn’t burning.
  3. Once you hear no more pops, it’s safe to take the lid off.  Empty the popped corn into a bowl and add a blob of butter to the warm pot and melt it and pour over the popped corn.

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#7. Sausages

honey-sesame-sausagesMost kids love sausages, even the fussier kids, so a good option for party food are either cocktail sized sausages or mini sausage rolls (you can buy the larger ones and slice them into 3 before serving).

Or why not make your own – here’s a super easy recipe for Homemade Sausages, and Sausage Rolls.

#8. Ice cream floats

strawberry milkshakeThese are so simple to make. Just put a scoop of ice cream in a glass and pour in a mineral on top. Great combinations include vanilla + coke or vanilla + American Cream Soda.

Smoothies and milkshakes are also another popular choice with kids, so why not try making strawberry and banana milkshakes.

#9. Philly Biccies

Another great kids party food option is Digestive biscuits with Philadelphia and strawberry on top.

Kids loved them when we had them at our recent home party

#10. Chicken Skewers

Chicken skewers with dips to pour over the chicken or to dip into.

“I gave them a sweet & sour dip which they loved” 

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#11. Mini burgers

mini-burgers_1_2These are very easy to make in advance ready to grill, here’s Clodagh McKenna’s mini burger recipe.

“Mini burgers go down a treat and if you keep them small, they are less likely to leave them uneaten”

#12. Chocolate fountain

“This was a total hit!  All you have to do is make some fruit kebabs i.e. strawberries and grapes and then let them dip into the fountain. My daughter’s friends from school were asking before her birthday ‘was the chocolate fountain going to be there’ as they remembered it from last year 🙂

#13. Pancakes

Whip up a set of mini pancakes and set out some sliced bananas or strawberries, Nutella, whipped cream or sugar & lemon juice. Here’s how to make some fun pancake shapes for kids.

“Let them decorate them themselves. It’s a winner.

#14. Keep it traditional

“We do the usual – sausage rolls, crisps, cheese, cocktail sausages, choc animal biscuits, salady bits, buttered baguette or for my girls that were born in the summer we do a bbq 🙂 “

#15. Jelly boats

Take some oranges, cut them in half and scoop out the orange being careful not to tear the orange skin.  Then make up some jelly and pour into the ‘boats’.

I used red jelly and green so they could choose (or fight) over what coloured boat they wanted lol

Wiggly Jellies are another great idea

Ingredients: Boiling water or boiling apple juice, & 4 packages of any flavour of jelly.

Method: Mix jelly with boiling water or juice (quantities as per instructions on packet) until dissolved. Pour into a large baking tray, refrigerate until firm. Dip the bottom of the pan into warm water for a few seconds then cut into decorative shapes with cookie cutters. Lift from the pan.

#16. Homemade pizzas

Why not make some homemade pizzas? Kids love choosing their own toppings for and it helps cater for different tastes and even accommodate the fussy eater. Alternatively here’s a recipe for Neapolitan pizza.

“For my six year old niece’s party my sister made small pizza bases, put out toppings in bowls (cheese, tomato sauce, ham, sweet corn etc) and let them make them.. played pass the parcel and old school games while they cooked”

“Puff pastry pizzas – literally get the ready rolled puff pastry fold back a little bit on each corner…put tomato puree or tomato pasta over it…mozzarella cheese and use your imagination…”

#17. Decorate Your Own Fairy Cakes

lemon buns“For my daughter’s first birthday I didn’t have time to decorate the fairy cakes so I made icing in three different colours, put jelly tots, smarties, hundreds and thousands etc out on a table in bowls and everyone decorated their own..adults and kids LOVED this!

See our Lemon Buns and Easy Cupcakes recipes for some ideas.

#18. Keep it simple

“Last party I had my Mam said “don’t be going mad with the food just do sandwiches buns cocktail sausages just like I used to do”. I did and although I was nervous with 35 boys aged 5-8 they ate everything and no one asked if there was any sweets.

#19. Green jelly frog pond

Make up a green jelly “pond” (spread on a platter) and then decorate with chocolate button frogs and licorice water reeds for a real “wow” from the kids.

#20. Top Hats

Spoon some melted chocolate into a bun case. Put in a marshmallow, then dab another bit of chocolate on top of the marshmallow and pop on a smartie.

“So quick and easy to make and the kids love them

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Do you have favourite kids party food ideas that go down well at kids’ birthdays?  Share them with us in the comments below!

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