How to Make Pancakes in Fun Shapes for Kids


Who doesn’t like pancakes? They are great as a breakfast treat at weekends, or a fun lunch when other kids are visiting. But why not take your pancake making skills up to the next level, and create some interesting shapes?! Here’s how to make pancakes in fun shapes for kids, guaranteed to put a smile on any face.


Pancake Batter can vary as much as the toppings but my favourite is a simple Flour, Eggs and Milk Pancake Recipe. For making shapes with pancakes, generally a thicker American-style pancake batter is better.

To cook your pancakes you need to use a heavy non stick pan or a griddle. Grease your pan and follow the instructions below to create pancakes in all sorts of fun shapes. Be as inventive as you like with your shapes. You can create letters and numbers, or fun figures.

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Making Fun Shapes

The secret to creating fun shapes is to use a squeezy bottle – an old ketchup or mayonnaise bottle that has been thoroughly cleaned will do the trick. Add your pancake mixture to the bottle and replace the nozzle. This will help you to control the flow of the batter and allow you to make great shapes.

You could even add food colouring or sprinkles to your pancake mixture to create pancakes in different colours.

X’s & O’s & Pigs

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Ghost Pancake

These little spooky ghosts would be perfect for Halloween breakfast or lunch and are simply made with a squeezy bottle for shape, and some raisins.

Ghost Pancake

Ghost Pancakes


A centipede can be made by creating lots  of little circular pancakes getting slightly bigger each time and just overlapping them on the plate until you get to the final one which you can decorate as a face using fruit or small sweets or chocolate.



Owl Pancakes

This owl pancake is simply created using a medium, and small round pancake, and some grapes, strawberries & kiwi to decorate.


Little Nummies

Pumpkin Pancakes

For another seasonal treat, whip up some pumpkin pancakes, either making them with pumpkin, or just pumpkin-shaped with some food colouring.


the idea room

Heart Shaped Pancakes

These heart shaped pancakes would make a lovely breakfast treat for your little loved ones on Valentine’s day, or indeed anytime of the year, when you just want to say “I love you!”


creative kid snacks

Flower Pancake

These can be created using strawberries sliced vertically and placed around a circular pancake.


Being Alison

What fun shaped pancakes do you do? Share them with us in the comments box below.

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