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Spooky punch

Spooky Halloween Fruity Punch

This Spooky Fruity Halloween Punch is so easy to make and the gloves/spooky shaped ice cubes add that extra gruesome touch :) Ingredients 500 ml lemonade...
ghost cookies

Halloween Ghost Cookies

We love making these ghost cookies every Halloween, the kids enjoy cutting them out and decorating them with the icing!  Ingredients :  175g Soft Butter 200g Caster...
halloween treats

Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids: Spooky Eyed Buns

Looking for ideas for easy Halloween recipes for kids? Try our Spooky Eyed Buns, they are fun to make and are sure to be...
Pumpkin Scones

Halloween Pumpkin Scones

These Pumpkin scones are great for kids to bake along with you. Adding pumpkin to your scones helps to make them a bit healthier...

Halloween Witches Fingers

Looking for easy halloween recipes for kids? We made some fun spooky Halloween witches fingers, and all  you need are 3 simple ingredients.  The kids...
Pumpkin seed recipes

Halloween Toasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Once you have had the fun of carving your pumpkin, toasting your pumpkin seeds is a great way to use up the seeds and...