10 Spookily Easy Halloween Recipes


Looking for some fun, easy Halloween recipes? Here are 10 Spookily Easy Halloween Recipes, perfect for Halloween parties or holiday mealtimes.

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#1. Spooky Halloween Fruit Punchhalloween spooky-fruity-punch

This Spooky Fruity Halloween Punch is so easy to make and perfect to serve to trick or treaters, or if you are hosting a kids halloween party. The extra spooky gruesome touch can be added using spooky-shaped ice cube trays, or small surgical gloves.

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halloween ghost_cookies#2. Halloween Ghost Cookies

These Halloween Ghost Cookies are perfect for making with the kids, both young and old.  Kids enjoy cutting the cookies out and decorating them. If you’re hosting a halloween party, you could let the kids decorate their own cookies, and take them home with them.

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halloween spooky-eyed-buns#3. Spooky Eyed Buns

Spooky Eyed Buns are super easy to make, and the kids will love them. They are essentially decorated chocolate rice Krispie buns, with the spooky eyes created from apple and food colouring. You could hand these out to any calling trick or treaters, assuming you have any left, after the kids have seen them!

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halloween pumpkin_scones.png#4. Halloween Pumpkin Scones

These Pumpkin scones are great for kids to bake along with you, and are a perfect solution to using up the pumpkin flesh, after you’ve carved your pumpkins. Also, adding pumpkin to your scones helps to make them a bit healthier at the same time. On the other hand, if you want an extra treat, just add some freshly whipped cream!

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Toasted pumpkin seeds in a red bowl with copy space#5. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Toasting your Pumpkin Seeds is a great way to use up the seeds and make a healthy snack at the same time, once you have had fun carving your pumpkin! Here are a couple of different recipes for Halloween Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.

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halloween pumpkin_soup#6. Pumpkin Soup

This Pumpkin Soup is another great way to use the flesh from your recently carved pumpkins, and makes a lovely nutritious lunch, after all that hard work decorating your house! You could even sprinkle on some of your toasted pumpkin seeds, for some extra bite!

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Witches fingersSDC14679_300x300#7. Halloween Witches Fingers

These Halloween Witches Fingers, are fun to make with the kids and great if you are hosting a kids’ Halloween party. They are super easy to make and only need 3 ingredients. The kids will enjoy rolling out the pastry, sprinkling and making the fingers. They look pretty gruesome too when made!

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halloween-tea-brack#8. Halloween Tea Barm Brack

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Barm Brack. This recipe for Halloween Tea Brack is delicious any time of the year!  I usually serve it cold sliced, it’s delicious with butter, although you won’t be able to resist a warm slice when you smell it .  It keeps for 2 weeks wrapped in an airtight container.

#9. Halloween Ghost PancakesHalloween Ghost-Pancakes

These Halloween Ghost Pancakes are fun to make in the run-up to Halloween, and the kids will love making then and adding the raisins to decorate.

An empty ketchup bottle works best for making the ghostly shapes with the batter. Might take a bit of practice to get your spooky ghost shape, but will be the perfect Halloween breakfast treat!

halloween_pumpkin_orange_cheescake#10. Pumpkin Orange Cheesecake

This Pumpkin Orange Cheesecake recipe is a special dessert for that Halloween Party! You may have tried Cheesecake before, but have you ever seen the pumpkin in a crust with almonds, carrots and orange rind, and grated pumpkin?  Yummy…..!

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