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30-day Mindfulness challenge

Join Our 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge to Relax and De-Stress

We're doing a special challenge for the month of May and we hope you will join in! Take our 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge and hopefully...
meditation for kids

4 Easy Ways to Introduce and Practice Meditation for Kids

Living in this digital age, it can be really hard for kids to switch off and get a bit of peace. I've been researching...
ways to destress

15 Sure-Fire Ways To Relax and De-Stress

We know that parents don’t get much time to relax, so we’ve found 15 easy ways for you to transform 20 minutes of your...
Mykidstime - 10 minutes a day to be your best self

Expert Advice: Take 10 Minutes A Day To Be Your Best Self

Busy parents often feel that any sort of ‘me time’ is a luxury they can’t afford to indulge in. Yet psychotherapist and author Abby...
how to be happier

Learn How To Be Happier: 3 Easy Steps You Can Start Today

If you find time for everyone else's needs other than your own, or you feel a distinct lack of inner peace, this is the...
creating healthy boundaries

Why Creating Healthy Boundaries is Essential for Kids

The ability to create healthy boundaries is a wonderful tool to have at any time of our life. It helps us keep our emotions...

Hygge: The Case For and Against

Have you heard of ‘hygge’? Doubtless you have: this year, at least nine books are available on the concept, and you’ve probably seen it...
Love tokens

Simple Mindfulness Techniques for the Festive Season

With the hectic Christmas Season almost upon us and with stress levels rising, it’s good to take time out to get perspective and most importantly,...