10 Fun Things to Do with Your Child Before School Starts


#6. Have a Big Toy Clear Out

Take 3 boxes or bags (Keep, Donate, Not Sure) and have a big toy sort out. You might get a bit of resistance at first but you will find that they will get into it and get interested in toys they haven’t seen or played with for a while. (You can always sort out the Not Sure box later…)

#7. Hold a Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Organise a scavenger hunt around your back yard or nearby woods or forest with a nature scavenger hunt or even going round the neighbourhood hunting for bugs or an indoor hunt if the weather isn’t so great.


#8. Write a Summer Diary

Make a summer diary, or blog, or newsletter about all the things the family did this summer holiday. Illustrate with drawings or photos you took during the summer.

#9. Back to School Shopping

If you haven’t been super organised already then hit the shops for the final back to school organising. Take a break from shopping and enjoy lunch together with a spot of people watching.

#10. Hold a Family Game Night

Let the kids pick one or more games that the whole family will play together. Organise some snacks (we love popcorn) and drinks. Here are some favourite board games plus 15 card games to play.

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Do you have any suggestions for things to do before school starts? Share them with us in the comments below.

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