10 Owl Crafts That Will Be A Hoot To Make With The Kids

owl crafts

Kids seem to really be fascinated by all thing owls. And what better way to enjoy these nocturnal creatures indoors, than these 10 Owl Crafts That Will Be a Hoot To Make With The Kids?!

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If you are looking for fun crafts to do with your child then here are some owl-themed options, they really are super cute!

10 Owl Crafts That Will Be A Hoot To Make With The Kids

#1. Felt Owl Ornament

These little felt owl ornaments are really sweet and easy to make, from just a bit of felt and a needle and thread. You can also make them a bit bigger and they can become a cuddly toy. Jessica Levitt of Juicy Bits explains how to make them with a tutorial and pattern.

Felt Owl
Image courtesy of Juicy Bits

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#2. Wise Ombre Owl T-shirt

We love this Ombre Owl t-shirt design from I Love to Create, which is a great idea for getting kids involved in creating something they can also wear. Note younger kids may need some adult assistance.

Wise Ombre Owl
Image courtesy of Ilovetocreate.com

#3. Bottle Cap Owl

This pretty hanging ornament from Think Crafts is made simply from recycled bottle tops, buttons, jar lid and can pulls. Glue and metal clippers are needed so adult supervision is a must.

bottle cap owl
Image courtesy of Think Crafts

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#4. Needle Felted Owl

Even if you haven’t done needle felting before Petals to Picots also include a tutorial in this cute owl post. Needle felting is a great skill to learn, and starting your child off with this cute little owl may just get them hooked.

needle felted owl
Image courtesy of Petals to Picots

#5.  Magical Spowls – Half Spoon / Half Owl

These cute “spowls”, from Spoonful, are perfect for little ones, involving only painting a wooden spoon. They don’t have to just make one either, they could make a whole owl family, and then play puppets with their creations too.

Spowl Puppet
Image courtesy of Spoonful

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#6. Pipe Cleaner Owls

Pipe cleaners are such a great adaptable item that can be used in many ways. In this post on Lines Across, they explain step by step how to create these little cute pipe cleaner owls. And no need to stop with owls – they also explain how to create other pipe cleaner animals.

Pipe Cleaner owls
Image courtesy of Lines Across

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#7. Owl Mask

Nurture store explains the step by step process needed to create this beautiful owl mask. Not only fun to do and wear but could also be used for dress-up or Halloween. You will need feathers which can be purchased from a craft store or online.

owl mask
Image courtesy of Nurture Store

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#8. Origami Owl

If your kid enjoys origami, then they will enjoy this challenge! This origami owl from Activity Village does require some expert folding, and even has a 3D head to make it look more realistic.

origami owl
Image courtesy of Activity Village

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#9. Leaf Owl Paper Craft

This Leaf Owl Craft is ideal for younger children using real leaves, paper leaves or even feathers. This post on DLTK talks you through the the simple process, and can include a nature walk with your child to collect the leaves and feathers.They will love the colouring in and sticking bits too.

leaf owl
Image courtesy of DLTK

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#10. Owl Finger Puppet Tutorial (and Fingerplay!)

Playing with Words 365 explains in this tutorial how to simply make these great little owl finger puppets, which can then be used for play. You just need their template, different coloured felt, googly eyes, scissor and glue, then get owl crafting.

Owl finger puppets
Image courtesy of Playing with Words 365

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Over to you now! Have you got any Owl Craft ideas for your kids that they loved doing? Please let us know in the comments.

10 Owl Crafts That Will Be A Hoot To Make With The Kids

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