12 Stunning Christmas Wrapping Ideas to Gift in Style

christmas wrapping ideas

I always have good intentions of fancy wrapping for my Christmas gifts but somehow never get around to it. Partly because I’m not really that creative but also time is always a pinch at Christmas. So this year I am determined to up my game, and have looked around for some ideas that are straightforward but still stylish. Here are 12 stunning Christmas wrapping ideas to gift in style:

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#1. Paper Straw Stars

This is such a simple but effective gift wrap decoration from Splash of Something to use paper straws and string to make stars to attach to the front of your gift wrap. You don’t even need cellotape.


christmas wrapping ideas

Image credit Splash of Something

#2. Reindeer Paper

With some simple brown paper and paints the kids could have fun making reindeer paper!

Cut out ears, antlers and glue on then paint on eyes, nose (red of course) and smiles.

christmas wrapping ideas

Image found on Pinterest 

#3. Christmas Mice

These Christmas Mice from Handmade Charlotte are super cute and you could easily make a whole family of mice to sit under the tree.

I also like the timely message she has about children being hospitalized during the holiday season.

christmas wrapping ideas

Image credit Handmade Charlotte

#4. Woven Ribbons

I love this ideas from Minieco using different coloured ribbon woven together and then wrapped across the gift. Very stylish and the pastel makes a nice change from more traditional Christmas colours.

christmas wrapping ideas

Image credit Minieco

#5. Monogram Letters

This is such a simple but really effective idea from Diane at In My Own Style to use letters and numbers for gift tags. She has even added glitter to some to really jazz them up.

christmas wrapping ideas

Image credit In My Own Style

#6. Stamped Letters and Ribbon

Although you would need to have a full set of letters to stamp with, the simplicity of this idea – the recipient’s name and a striped ribbon tied vertically – make this worth investing in an alphabet stamper set!

christmas wrapping ideas

Image found on Pinterest 

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