7 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas for Toddlers


In my experience, toddlers love getting their hands messy and trying their hand at crafts. I’m looking forward to this Christmas as my preschooler and I will be trying some of these fun ideas to decorate tree and house. Here are 7 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas for Toddlers.

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#1. Button Christmas Tree Ornament

A super easy project from Hands on as we Grow for all ages, including toddlers – something they can really make their own!


Image credit Hands On as we Grow

#2. Rudolph Hanging Decoration

We love this Rudolph Hanging Decoration as it is made with your child’s own footprint and handprints.

Rudolph Reindeer

#3. Hand Print Santa

While we have them using their hands, let’s make Santa as company for Rudolph! This Santa decoration from parents.com is perfect for wee hands who like sticking things on and they love googly eyes too!

Image credit Parents.com

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#4. Candy Cane Christmas Wreaths

Scrunching tissue paper and using glue – this decoration idea from Happy Hooligans is super simple yet looks fantastic!

Image credit Happy Hooligans

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