20 Creative Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah for Kids


Are you looking for some Hanukkah crafts and activites for the kids? From popsicle stick menorahs to acorn dreidels, be inspired with these 20 Creative Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah for Kids.

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Hanukkah is a Jewish festival, commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple, that runs over 8 nights and days and starts on 25th day of Kislev, which may occur at anytime from late November to late December. Festivities include lighting the nine-branch candelabrum (menorah), and playing with dreidel (a four-sided spinning top).

#1. Handprint Hanukkah Craft

We love the simplicity of this menorah handprint craft from Mom Endeavors, which is ideal for little hands (pun intended!).

Hanukkah Hands

Image via Mom Endeavors

#2. Popsicle Stick Menorah

Stockpile your popsicle sticks and make this cute crafty menorah from Creative Jewish Mom. You can buy coloured craft sticks or have the kids colour in plain ones with markers. Creative Jewish Mom has a glitter craft stick menorah too that is worth trying.

Popsicle stick menorah

Image via Creative Jewish Mom

#3. Hanukkah Suncatcher

We love suncatchers here in Mykidstime – they’re like a craft that just keeps on giving! This glue-free suncatcher from kiwi crate is simple to make too, using a sticky contact sheet and coloured tissue paper.

hanukkah suncatcher

 Image via kiwi crate

#4. Hanging Menorah Craft

Older kids will enjoy making this hanging menorah from Holidays Helper, using paper plates and construction paper. Get the kids to “light” a candle a night (over hanukkah) by adding their paper flame to an unlit candle – much safer than real candles and matches.

menorah paper plate craft

Image via Holidays Helper

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#5. Painted Star of David

We love this toddler-friendly Star of David art project from Melissa & Doug. Using masking tape make a Star of David by overlapping 2 tape triangles, and then let the kids loose with the paint.


Image via Melissa & Doug

#6. Simple Cardboard Dreidel

Make your own simple dreidel this year with the kids, using just cardboard and a pencil, like What We Do All Day. Now how easy is that?!

dreidel craft

Image via What We Do All Day

#7. Paper Plate & Clothes Peg Menorah

Using paper plates and painted clothes pegs, make this kid-friendly menorah from The Pleasantest Thing.

paper plate menorah

Image via The Pleasantest Thing

#8. Star of David Tin Can Luminaries

Older kids will enjoy making these Star of David tin can candle holders from Chai & Home. Draw your design/pattern on the can and then punch with a hammer and nail.

tin can -lumanaries

Image via Chai & Home

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#9. Dreidel Paper Dolls Garland

The kids will love making and decorating these cute dreidel paper dolls garland from Bringing Chesed Home which you can then hang up.

Dreidel paper dolls

Image via Bringing Chesed Home

#10. Hanukkah Candle Holders

Creative Jewish Mom has these colourful Hanukkah candle holders which are made using layers of cutout tissue paper.

Hanukkah tissue candle holders

Image via Creative Jewish Mom

#11. Popsicle Stick Star of David

Craft a simple Star of David using popsicle sticks glued together, which you then paint and decorate. Love this clever idea from punktorah for stringing them together into a cute garland.

popsicle stick star of david

Image via punktorah

punktorah also have a beaded pipe cleaner Star of David craft, which is worth checking out.

If you don’t have popsicle sticks, collect some small sticks on a nature walk, and glue together to form your star, then decorate them like Meri Cherry has done.

stick star of david

Image via Meri Cherry

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 #12. Acorn Dreidels

Ingenious! Hoard your acorn shells to make this simply clever dreidel craft from Growing Up Creative.

Acorn dreidel

Image via Growing Up Creative

#13. Watercolour Dreidels

Cut out some dreidel shapes from cardboard and paint them with watercolours like Creative Jewish Mom. These could be then strung together to form a Hanukkah garland or hung to make a mobile.

watercolour dreidels

Image via Creative Jewish Mom

#14. Colourful Tape Menorah

Use different coloured sticky tapes (washi, masking, coloured duct tapes) to make this colourful menorah from Creekside Learning.


Image via Creekside Learning

#15. Cardboard Roll Holder Menorah Craft

I am a big fan of recycled crafts, so it’s always worth stockpiling cardboard roll holders to use for crafting with the kids. Mini Monets & Mommies has this clever menorah craft using roll holders, paint and tissue paper for the “flame”.


Image via Mini Monets & Mommies

#16. Macaroni Menorah

With some every day kitchen cupboard items like macaroni and lentils, make this quick and easy menorah from She Knows.

macaroni menorah

Image via She Knows

#17. Stand-up Popsicle Stick Menorah

Another cute popsicle stick menorah, this time from babycenter.com, is simply made by painting the sticks and numbering them with a glitter pen. Stand them up by glueing them to a covered cardboard container.

stick menorah

Image via babycenter.com

#18. LEGO Menorah

This LEGO menorah idea from What We Do All Day is ingenious – there’s even a cute mini-figure with a torch to light each “candle”.


Image via What We Do All Day

#19. Hanukkah Dreidel Wall Art

Upcycle your kids artwork into a dreidel wall art display like Meri Cherry. If you don’t have any old paintings just get the kids to decorate their dreidel cutouts from new.


Image via Meri Cherry

#20. Edible Marshmallow Dreidel

This edible craft is too good not to include – edible marshmallow dreidels from Martha Stewart.

marshmallow dreidels

Image via Martha Stewart

Hostess with the Mostess has an alternative recipe for edible marshmallow dreidels, using pretzels instead of skewers, and a Hershey kisses top. Yum!

edible dreidel

Image via Hostess with the Mostess

Over to you! Let us know your favourite Hanukkah activities for kids in the comments below.

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