25 Cute & Easy Paper Plate Crafts – Perfect for Preschoolers

Jill Holtz

February 13, 2015

paper plate crafts

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Looking for something fun and easy to do with your younger child? It’s amazing how versatile the simple paper plate can be! Here are 25 Cute & Easy Paper Plate Crafts – perfect for preschoolers.

paper plate crafts

#1. Paper Plate Clock

Making Clocks with Paper PlatesOne of the simplest paper plate activities to make, all you need is a paper plate, markers, cardboard for the hands and a paper fastener.

For a step up from the simple paper plate clock, make a clock with a double layer of plates to practice the minutes. The underneath layer has 05, 10, 15, 20 etc while you cut flaps on the top layer for the minutes so your child can then lift and look at the bottom layer to check the minutes.

You’ll find instructions for the double layer paper plate clock on Yellincenter.com.

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paper plate penguin#2. Penguin

This adorable penguin is made from a paper plate, construction paper and some black paint.

There are very good instructions on the Huppiemama.com website for making the penguin.

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paper plate crafts#3. Dream Catcher

For these paper plate dream catchers on Redtedart.com you’ll need:

  • paper plate per child
  • wool or string
  • beads
  • feathers

We love the heart and star shapes that are used in the middle to catch the wool.

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paper plate crafts#4.  Roosters

Fold your paper plates in half. Cut out comb and wattle (the bit hanging down) from red construction paper and a beak from yellow construction paper.

Finally stick on some googly eyes (one on each side) and enjoy your Roosters!

Find out why Roosters have wattles on the Smithsonian website.

(Based on an image found on Pinterest)

paper plate crafts#5. Crown

Alphamom.com has some great ideas for different crowns for different occasions all made from paper plates.

This crown one is cute and would make a great birthday party activity too.

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paper plate crafts#6. Love Heart

This could be a cute Valentine’s day craft to hang up on a string to make garland or you could make it a hat.

Instructions on craftymorning.com.

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tropical fish#7. Tropical Fish

We love these bright tropical fish, which would brighten up a playroom or family room or the fridge!

Instructions including patterns on Craftsbyamanda.com.

Check out Amanda’s craft books for projects for kids too.

#8. Sun Rainbow

paper plate craftsTo make this sweet sunshine and rainbow plate craft from Daisycottagedesigns you will need:

  • paper plates,
  • paint,
  • construction paper and
  • yarn.

paper plate crafts#9. Christmas Characters

We love this craft project from Kixcereal.com, making Santa, Rudolf and Frosty.

Great idea to use tinsel for noses and cotton balls for Santa’s beard!

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paper plate crafts#10. Frog

This fun frog project on Education.com uses a party blower for the frog’s tongue, the kind that unfurls when you blow on it.

It’s also the perfect project for practicing the letter F with your preschooler.

easter crafts for kids#11. Bunny Mask

Isn’t this little bunny mask adorable? Cut out the middle of your paper plate, attach some ears and whiskers made from card (curled at the ends) and attach a lolly stick to hold up the mask by.

Image found on Pinterest 

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paper plate crafts#12. Fish

Make colourful fish with cute open mouths on this project from Danamadeit.com.

They also made lovely fishes out of coloured party plates, which would make a nice art piece for a wall.

paper plate crafts#13. Birds Nest Collage

Isn’t this sweet? Make a bird’s nest with a bird, the nest and some eggs on a collage on a paper plate.

More great paper craft ideas on Creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com

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paper plate crafts#14. Sheep

These sheep made from paper plates on Ourcraftsnthings.com look fun to make.

The faces and feet are cut out of black paper, fleeces is from cotton balls and the cute eyes stuck on give the sheep some character.

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paper plate crafts#15. Banjo

This fun banjo from easypreschoolcraft.blogspot.com is made from paper plates, rubber bands for strings and a paint mixing stick.

Why not make a paper plate tambourine as well and make some music together?

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paper plate crafts#16. Fish Aquarium

This is a neat idea. Take two paper plates. Cut a circle out of one of them and stick cellophane on to make a window effect. Glue your cut out fish, seaweed and little tiny stones to make your aquarium scene.

Finally stick on the cellophaned plate on top for your fish aquarium.

(Image found on Pinterest via Flickr)

balloon tennis#17. Balloon Tennis

Great idea this from Evernevergain.blogspot.com to use paper plates for the paddles to play balloon tennis. (This was part of an Up party so definitely check out her blog post!)

She trimmed off the outer 1/2 inch and hot glued on some large craft sticks.

paper plate crafts#18. Christmas Wreath

Mrsjonesclass.blogspot.com has this cute Christmas Wreath paper plate project. Using ripped paper glued onto a paper plate with the centre cut out.

Then decorate with glitter and add a bow.

paper plate crafts#19. Emotion Masks

What an unusual but cool idea. Kids can sometimes find it hard to talk about their emotions.

So on the Notimeforflashcards.com blog they made emotion masks out of paper plates cut in half then glued to lollipop sticks and drew the emotions on.

#20. Love Owl

paper plate craftsThis Love Owl is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Using heart shapes cut out of red paper and a paper plate for the body, your child can write a sweet message on the tummy (or other side).

Hoo Loves You?!

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paper plate crafts#21. Paper Plate Weaving

Fabulous idea from Joyfulmamasplace.blogspot.com: paper plate weaving.

Cut notches around the edge of the paper plate then string your wool across to make the basic loom. Your child can then weave different colours around in a circle starting from the middle.

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paper plate crafts#22. Ladybird

Make your sweet ladybird with a paper plate painted red.

Cut out legs and spots and face from construction paper and glue on. (you could also paint the spots on)

Finally don’t forget eyes and a smile!

weather clock#23. Weather Clock

We loved this example of a fun Weather Clock on Warmhotchocolate.com. You can use a paper plate for the circle and then cut out and glue on your weather icons and make a pointer arrow pinned to the middle with a paper fastener.

Kids would enjoy changing the pointer every day to that day’s weather too.

paper plate crafts#24. Mike from Monsters Inc

With a green painted body made from a paper plate painted green, then arms, legs, eyes and mouth cut out and glue on, you too can make your own Mike from Monsters Inc!

Full instructions on the littleminimakers.blogspot.sg website.

paper plate crafts#25. Hippo

This fun hippo from iheartcraftythings has a mouth that opens and shuts which kids will get a kick out of.

Made from two paper plates, painted and with ears and cute googly eyes stuck on.

Over to you now. Did you try any of these out? Tell us how you got on in the comments below.

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