Fun Outdoor Activities to Help Avoid Cabin Fever


October 20, 2011

avoid cabin fever

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When the weather is bad, the roads can be too dangerous to venture too far unless essential, but if the children are off school for at least another few days, what can we do? Here are some outdoor activities to help avoid cabin fever that don’t involve going further than your own house, garden or estate.

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#1. Build a snowman

SnowmanHaving snow is a rarity and it will be all gone quickly so take advantage, and build snowmen, snowfamilies, snow animals. And be sure to try making some snow angels too!

It takes “sNOw” imagination, bundle up, but don’t spend too long, gloves and clothes get wet and cold quickly!

Watch How to Build a Snowman

#2. Take an Arctic Stroll

Bundle up well and head out for a short walk around your garden, estate.

Look at what a difference a layer of snow makes:

  • see frozen spider webs,
  • look for the longest icicle,
  • identify foot prints across the snow.. human or other :)

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#3. Feed the birds

BirdfeederFill up the bird feeder with nuts, seeds, bacon rinds etc., and hang out side of a window. Break the ice on a water bath if you have one, so the birds have access to water (fill it with warm water).

Then head indoors to enjoy hot chocolate and watch for how many bird visitors you get. Keep track of the different birds.

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#4. Make Arrow Trails

Find as many sticks as you can and take it in turns to make an arrow trail with the stick for everyone else to follow.

Put in some loops to make the trail more interesting.

#5. Splash in Puddles

kids wellie boots in puddlesIf it’s just rainy weather that has you housebound, why not dress in the waterproofs and wellies, and splash in puddles. This is great fun for all ages, but ideal for pre-schoolers to let off a bit of steam as well as encouraging them to count by checking how many puddles they found to jump in.

Tip – just make sure their waterproof trousers or dungarees are outside their wellies to help keep feet dry!

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#6. Try some Indoor Exercises

Now that you’re back in doors you can try out our Keeping Active on Rainy Days tips, for more ideas of things to do when you’re stuck indoors and can’t head out!

More ideas: 50 Indoor Activities for Kids

Do you have any suggestions for helping to avoid cabin fever? Share them with us in the comments below.


Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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