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October 20, 2011

cathy cassidy

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Cathy Cassidy has written several bestselling novels and a journal, Dreams and Doodles Daybook. Find out more about her in our profile of Cathy Cassidy:

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My youngest daughter has been an avid Cathy Cassidy fan, enjoying every one of her books as they are published. So writing up this piece about her favourite author was fun to research.

About Cathy Cassidy Bestselling Children’s Author

Cathy’s Background

Cathy was born in Coventry in 1962, and now lives in the Galloway hills in Scotland, with her Irish husband, Liam, and her two teenage children.

She has two dogs, Kelpie and Daisy, three cats, Lily, Pickle and Pepper and three rabbits called Midnight, Snowdrop and Brambles.

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Starting out as a writer

Cathy wrote her first book when she was eight, a picture book for her younger brother. From the age of twelve she sent stories to a magazine called Jackie. ‘I bombarded them with stories for 4 years,’ she admits. ‘I learnt a lot from that process – I used to study the stories that got published in the magazine to see where I’d gone wrong.’

A little later she had stories published in another magazine called Look Now. ‘I was so proud and happy,’ she says. ‘After I left art college, I landed a job in Jackie magazine. And they remembered who I was. I worked my way up to being Fiction Editor and it was the best training ever.’

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Cathy Cassidy’s first novel

But Cathy’s dream had always been to write a novel. She started writing a historical novel for adults but never finished it. Then she wrote what was to be her first published novel for teens, Dizzy.

‘It took three months to write,’ she says. ‘Then I was so nervous of sending it to anyone I put it in a drawer. My dreams of being published would have been shattered if it was rejected.

Eventually a friend persuaded me to send it to 3 different agents. One replied within two days. Dizzy went on to be published (by Puffin) and it was a dream come true.’

A love affair with Ireland

Cathy loves Ireland. ‘If you stand on the coast in West Cork you could be on the edge of the world,’ she says. ‘I love wild places. I have loads of friends in Kerry and Cork and of course, my husband is Irish.’

For more information on Cathy see

Cathy’s Tips for Young Writers from her website and some Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Daydream
  • Look at people all around you
  • Read
  • Watch tv/films
  • Be inspired by old/new photos or paintings
  • Talk to friends/family
  • Build a character around a name
  • Draw your imaginary character
  • Brainstorm and profile their likes/dislikes/family/friends/background

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Over to you now. What’s your favourite Cathy Cassidy book? Share it with us in the comments below.

Author profile Cathy Cassidy

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