A Family Day Trip to The Burren

the burren road trips around Ireland

We had family visiting us from Scotland lately so we took the kids for a Day Trip to The Burren visiting 4 different places: The Burren Perfurmery, Hazel Mountain Burren Chocolates, Kinvara and The Burren Nature Sanctuary:

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Since the Burren Perfumery was the furthest away, we headed out there first. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Oranmore, head to Kilcolgan, turn right to Kinvara then when you pass Kinvara head on until you reach a junction with a right to Ballyvaughan, take the left up the hill and drive for a further 20 minutes until you reach Carran. The Perfumery is located 2k from Carran in the heart of the beautiful Burren scenery.

The Burren Perfumery

burrenperfumeryIn the Visitor Centre, you can watch a short multi-media presentation on the Burren explaining about the flowers and butterflies that live there. You can see them making some of the perfumes and soaps and enjoy browsing the shop.

Head to their garden next to enjoy the herbs and plants and flowers. The kids enjoyed zooming in and out of sections of the garden while the adults enjoyed touches like the old bath turned into a planter and the tile decorations on gates.

Then finish up with home baking and drinks in the Cafe. What we particularly liked about the Cafe was that they do kids’ hot chocolates for €1.50 and giant cookies which the kids shared. The adults shared a large Cafetiere of fresh coffee and delicious lemon polenta cake.

Hazel Mountain Burren Chocolates

On the road back to Kinvara be sure to stop at the Burren Chocolate place. Part of a working farm, they also have a cafe and then a chocolate shop. Because it was nearly Easter there was a nice selection of eggs and chocolate chicks as well as their usual selection of chocolate bars with unusual flavours such as raspberry or sea salt.

Picnic in Kinvara

kinvaraharbourThe sun was shining by the time we reached Kinvara again so we stopped off at Londis and bought rolls, cheese, ham, crisps and juice.

There are benches at the Harbour which are a perfect picnic spot, you can look out at the boats and the sea and there are plenty of daisies to make daisy chains too!

The Burren Nature Sanctuary

With the kids all fed, our last stop was to the Burren Nature Sanctuary. This was an excellent choice of an afternoon activity, we spent 2 and a half hours there.

First stop was the Adventure Playground which while not huge had excellent equipment in it and a fantastic sand pit which the kids spent a good 1/2 hour on.

burren nature sanctuaryThen you can head indoors for some refreshments and enjoy indoor soft play which has slides, ball pool and climbing frames.

The other activity is a nature trail of 1k, it’s a loop that you walk around feeding the sheep and enjoying the llamas on the way.

The kids can also do a nature trail activity where they can make rubbings of leaves and other nature items on the way around and return their sheet for a “reward”.

We returned home having spent loads of time in the fresh air and with some happy but exhausted kids in tow.

Have you visited any of these places in The Burren? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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