Easy and Fun Clock Activities for Kids

Jill Holtz

January 25, 2015

clock activities

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Along with learning how to tie shoelaces and how to write, learning how to tell the time is one of childhood’s milestones. Making a clock can be a fun way of combining art and craft and teaching. Here are some easy and fun Clock Activities for Kids:


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Here are 5 easy ideas for fun Clock Activities for Kids:

#1. Making Clocks with Paper Plates

Making Clocks with Paper PlatesOne of the simplest clocks activities to make, all you need is a paper plate, markers, cardboard for the hands and a paper fastener.

(If you don’t have any paper plates, you can use this making clocks template on Enchantedlearning.com.)

For a step up from the simple paper plate clock, make a clock with a double layer of plates to practice the minutes. The underneath layer has 05, 10, 15, 20 etc while you cut flaps on the top layer for the minutes so your child can then lift and look at the bottom layer to check the minutes.

You’ll find instructions for the double layer paper plate clock on Yellincenter.com.

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#2. Frisbee Clock

Everyone has frisbees lying around the house so why not put one to good use and turn it into a fun colourful clock?

frisbee clockWhat You Will Need

  • an old Frisbee
  • Markers
  • Scissors or a drill
  • Poster board or heavy paper
  • Paper fasteners (available at any stationary store)
  • Circle shaped stickers
  • Paper
  • Pencil

What to Do

1. Make a small hole in the centre of your frisbee using a sharp implement or drill.
2. Use a watch (analog) or clock to show your child what you’re going to make.
3. Ask your child to stick a sticker at the top of the “clock face” and one at the bottom.
4. Ask your child to write 12 on the top sticker and 6 on the bottom sticker.
5. Next ask him to stick a sticker on each side and then right 3 and 9.
6. Cut 2 arrows out of the poster board, one needs to be longer for the minute hand.
7. Make a hole in the end of each arrow.
8. Slide the paper fastener through through both arrows and through the hole in the frisbee and secure it at the back.
9. Show your child which hand is for hours and which hand is for minutes.
10. Let your child have fun trying out the hands to make different times. Start with hours then half hours and so on.

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#3. Making a Potato Clock

Yes it’s true, you can make a clock that runs on potato power! Howstuffworks.com has the instructions for making a potato clock, and here’s a video showing you the steps:

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cardboard clock#4. Creative Cardboard Clock

Made with layers of cardboard, this cute cardboard clock would be a good afternoon project to do with your child.

Draw your alarm clock outline on cardboard, some funky numbers and don’t forget the bells at the top of the alarm clock!

#5. Online Clock Games

Smartygames.com has 4 fun online clock games to help learn time interactively.

#6. Lego Clocks

We found 3 great examples of lego clocks:

lego clockLego Clock with Blocks for Numbers

You could make this lego clock easily.

It uses a standard clock DIY kit and different coloured lego blocks in place of numbers.

lego wall clockLego Wall Clock

Or check out this cool lego wall clock.

A large lego base plate was used and numbers made out of lego blocks.

Lego-ClockLego Characters Wall Clock

Isn’t this Lego Characters Wall Clock cool?

Use some of your lego characters in place of the number positions.

#7. Weather Clock

weather clockWe know it’s strictly speaking not a time clock but we loved this example of a fun Weather Clock on Warmhotchocolate.com made from cardboard.

Kids would enjoy changing the pointer every day to that day’s weather too.

Have you made any fabulous clocks at home with your child? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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