These Easy to Make Easter Card Ideas are as Cute as Bunnies


Looking for some fun kids Easter crafts and activities? From Easter flowers to polka dot eggs, these Easy to Make Easter Card Ideas are as Cute as Bunnies, and will be sure to keep your little chicks busy!

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#1. Easter Chick Pop Up Card

Create this cheeky chick pop up card using our downloadable template. It is sure to wow family and friends!

easter crafts for kids

Ballygarrett Art Studio

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#2. Thumb Print Chick Easter Cards

Your child’s thumb print is the prefect size to create a cute chick shape! Add as many as you like directly to your card or create them on a piece of coloured paper and glue them to your card. Add beaks, feet and eyes using a marker. You can add bunnies using grey or pink paint and decorate them with ears and feet!

Easter Chicks Card
Red Ted Art

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#3. Polka Dot Easter Egg Cards

Using some neon card and white card circles or tissue paper, create cute these cute Easter Egg cards from My Urban Nest.

Easter Egg Cards

My Urban Nest

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#4. Hatching Easter Chicks Card

Create a clever Hatching Egg card using a split pin, card and lots of glitter! Slide back the top of the egg to reveal your Easter chick hiding inside!

Hatching Chick Card from Green Dragonfly

The Green Dragonfly

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#5. Wooly Easter Egg Cards

Using card, wool and crepe or tissue paper design your Wooly Easter Egg and stick it to your card.

wooly easter egg card  from what to do with the children

What to Do With the Children

#6. Bunny Family Card

Create this cute Bunny Family Card by drawing around your fingers and cutting out your design. Add googly eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers and glue them in a row to create your bunny family.

Bunny Family


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#7. Easter Flowers

Create a simple Easter Flower card using small bun cases. Use 3 for each card and cut them smaller each time to create your petals.

Flower Cards by DIY Enthuasiasts

DIY Enthusiasts

#8. Envelope Bunnies

Fill these Envelope Bunnies full of treats and keep everyone happy this Easter.

Envelope Bunnies from Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

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Have your a great design idea for a home made Easter Card?  Share it with us in the comments below.

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