50 EGGstra Fun Easter Activities for Kids (and Parents!)


March 1, 2022

50 Easter Activities for Kids - Mykidstime

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With Easter on the way and school holidays to fill, you can combine seasonal fun with crafts to occupy the kids. From egg hunts and bunny tag to chicken pinatas and hilarious Easter jokes, here are 50 EGGstra fun Easter activities for kids to keep them busy!

Before you get started, download our FREE Easter Fun Things to Do Checklist so you can plan your Easter activities and get the kids involved.

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Eggcellent Easter Activities for Kids

#1. Hold an Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunt for Easter Activities for kids - Mykidstime

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a treasure egg hunt or hunting by names, this will surely bring out the laughter in your house and give you a glimpse of the competitive side of your kids!

This is the ultimate in classic Easter activities for kids! If you want some tips, follow our simple egg hunt ideas or invent a hunt of your own and try decorating your easter eggs using this melted crayon craft.

#2. Make an Easter Wreath

Learn how to make an Easter wreath – it’s a fun craft activity and can decorate your home with some seasonal style!

Get our your glue gun and stick some painted plastic eggs to a wire or faux wreath. Then, place some stuffed bunnies so that they appear to be sitting facing each other at the bottom of the wreath. Glue them into place as well and hang the holiday decoration on your front door.

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#3. Play Bunny, Bunny, RABBIT!

If your kids have plenty of energy to burn, this is the game for them! As you’ve probably guessed, this is an Easter variation on the classic duck, duck, GOOSE game. Here’s how to play:

  1. Sit the kids down in a circle, and select one child to be “it”.
  2. The “it” child walks around the outside of the circle patting each player on the head and saying “bunny” until they want to say “RABBIT”.
  3. Both the “it” child and the RABBIT must hop around the circle trying to reach the vacant spot.
  4. Whoever doesn’t make it to the spot in time is then “it”.

#4. Bake Easter Cookies

Easter cookies - Mykidstime

Bake some cookies together and decorate them with Easter themes using brightly coloured icing. Take some inspiration from these 10 cute & easy Easter cookies the kids will love.

#5. Egg Toss

You will need plastic Easter eggs and a basket. Using colourful adhesive tape, draw a line on the floor. Children must stand behind this line. Draw another line a short distance away and deposit the basket near this line. Give each child five eggs. Children take turns throwing their eggs towards the basket. The child who successfully throws the most eggs in the basket wins.

#6. Create an Easter Egg Mosaic

An Easter egg mosaic is the perfect activity to engage your toddler – and will have them in sticky finger heaven!

#7. Make Chocolate Nests

chocolate nests

To make chocolate nests:

  • Add 100g of butter, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 50g milk chocolate buttons and 75g of golden syrup in a bowl.
  • Microwave on high for 1.5mins and mix together.
  • Crumble 4 Shredded Wheat over the bowl and mix with rest of ingredients.
  • Place a generous spoonful in each of 12 bun case (the nests).
  • Press the centre of each nest down slightly to form a dip.
  • Chill for 30 minutes before serving, then place 3 chocolate mini eggs in each ‘nest’.

#8. Make an Easter Newsletter

For your friends and family abroad, why not create a short newsletter that can be printed and included in your Easter cards to update them on your family’s news?

#9. Go to a Pet Farm

pet farms ireland

This is the perfect time of year to visit a pet farm. After the long winter, the kids will love to run around the farm, taking in all the delights of spring. Feed a bottle to a baby lamb or cup a baby chick in your hand.

#10. Head out for a Cycle

Pop on your helmets and hop on your bikes, then head off to cycle one of your favourite routes. Keep an eye out in case the Easter Bunny is about!

#11. Make an Easter Brunch

Don your aprons and check out our creative and festive Easter Brunch ideas – from Easter-shaped pancakes to scrambled egg Easter bunnies. Yum!

#12. Get Colouring

Easter Colouring Pages - Mykidstime

Print off some fun Easter colouring pages for the kids to colour or paint. Then hang them up around the house for some homemade seasonal decor. Your little artist will be thrilled to feature in their very own gallery!


Chocolate, sweets, a visit from the Easter Bunny, baby animals…what’s not to love!

Now you can add some eggstra fun to your seasonal activities with our FREE Easter scavenger hunt!

Easter Scavenger Hunt Download - Mykidstime

#13. Hold an Egg Race

Let all the race participants decorate their own hard boiled egg with paint, glitter, etc. Then hand them all a spoon and let them race off on the predetermined course.

The winner will be the one who reaches the finish line first without dropping their egg.

#14. Read an Easter Book Together

Easter books for kids - Mykidstime

Hop on over for story time with these brilliant Easter books you can read together. From classics like The Tale of Peter Rabbit to modern favourites like How to Catch the Easter Bunny and That’s Not My Bunny, little ones will enjoy these seasonal tales.

#15. Play Bunny Tag

Kids get a ton of exercise when they play bunny tag. Pick one child to be the dog chasing the other kids, who are the bunnies. The bunnies hop away from the fast-walking dog. If they are caught, they crouch down and use their arms to make bunny ears atop their head until the game is finished. The last bunny caught becomes the dog during the next round.

#16. Watch an Easter Movie

Hop for best Easter movies

There may not be as many to choose from as there are at Halloween or Christmas, but there are some great Easter movies that you can sit down together and watch this Easter. Which one is your favourite?

#17. Tell Some Easter Jokes

Who’s the funny bunny in your family? Get the giggles started with some fun Easter jokes and Easter knock knock jokes, including such gems as:

Q: What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?

A: Hot cross bunnies!

#18. Playdoh Time

Model figurines resembling your family out of Playdoh. Next, roll some egg shapes for Easter eggs. Then make the Easter bunny. Hide the “eggs” for your “family” to find – you can create tree shapes and a garden items to hide your eggs behind!

#19. Make an Easter Piñata

easter chick pinata

This is so cute – and although it may look difficult to make, it’s not if you follow our simple steps. To be honest, the hardest part will be resisting the urge to eat some of the sweets you fill this Easter Piñata with!

Once your piñata is made, hang it and get ready for the chaos that ensues when the kids get involved.

For alternatives to a chick, what about a fluffy sheep, with a piñata covered in cotton balls?

#20. Make Fingerprint Bunnies

Messy, but lots of fun!

Use your thumb print dipped in paint for the head, and your other finger prints to form the rest of the body. Make a bunny family keepsake – you could even repeat this each year to keep in a memory box.

#21. Make Easter Cards

Some colouring pencils or crayons, paper and a scissors are just about all you need to make some cute Easter cards. Not only is this one of our favourite Easter activities for kids of all ages, it’s a great keepsake to send to grandparents and loved ones.

#22. Make an Easter Garland

easter garland

Use Easter egg cut outs, and let your kids paint and colour one each day in the countdown to Easter.We love this idea of making eggs from paint sample cards to add extra colour!

String them up into a garland and decorate to your heart’s content!

#23. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Print an Easter bunny on cardboard with the tail area visible. Then cut off the tail area. Each player must cut out a circle from white card and glue some cotton wool to it. Stick some blue-tack to the back of each tail and write each players name on their tail. Each player is to be blindfolded before they take their turn of attempting to pin the tail on the bunny.

#24. Plant Some Flowers

Child-gardening (1)

Gather any old welly boots your children have outgrown. Poke a few drainage holes in the bottom of them and then fill them with some compost.

Sunflowers are a favourite among kids as they grow very quickly and are very easy to grow – but choose whichever flower seeds you would like to plant.

Place your new Spring pots along your path or outside your front door. Your kids will love to see their old wellies blooming!

#25. Easter Story Writing

Have a family story-writing competition. Help younger ones who may be unable to write, but can still make up their own story – they could tell their story with pictures, or you can write it for them while they tell it. Or for a keepsake, you could video them telling you the tale.

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easter desserts container

#26. Create an Easter Play

Have the children put on an Easter play or a puppet show of their own creation. Those mismatched socks that are always hanging around are the perfect choice for sock puppets, and old buttons, scraps of wool and fabric, pipe cleaners and ribbon are great for decorating.

Don’t forget to video their show for posterity!

#27. Go Horse Riding

There’s nothing like a few hours of fun horse riding in the country – it’s great for the mind as well as the body. Many equestrian centres have lessons for first time riders so this is a fun activity for the whole family or a group of friends to get involved with.

#28. Host a Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy bear picnic for Easter activities - Mykidstime

Hopefully the weather will permit you to have this picnic outside, but failing that, have an indoor picnic instead.

Pack up some bite-size treats and a colourful blanket to set the scene.

#29. Enjoy Some Indoor Games Together

Play board games or play cards together. And for other indoor activities, here are 15 Fun & Entertaining Games that the kids will enjoy.

#30. Attend an Easter Parade

A fun day out for all the family will be had attending an Easter parade. If there is not one near you, you could always host your own in your neighbourhood.

#31. Easter Egg Balance

Grab some kitchen utensils, such as a soup ladle, dessert spoon, wooden spoon and potato masher, and a few hard boiled eggs. You can decorate the eggs by painting them first.

Ask your kids to choose a utensil and try to balance the egg on top of it and proceed to cross to the other side of the room. Once they have tried all the utensils, ask them which they prefer and why.

#32. Take a Trip to the Woods

Easter is a lovely time to take a trip to the woods, and enjoy the new growth of Spring. With walks, orienteering trails and bike routes, the time will be sure to fly by! Just don’t forget to bring a picnic.

#33. Make Cards and Gifts for Teachers

Teachers will embrace the holidays just as much as their students! Have your child make them a card or a thank you note to show their hard work is appreciated.

#34. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Easter scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

Chocolate, sweets, a visit from the Easter Bunny, baby animals…what’s not to love! Now you can add some eggstra fun to your seasonal activities with our Easter scavenger hunt download!

#35. Make an Easter Chocolate Cake

This Easter chocolate cake is both easy to make and tastes fantastic too!

Kids love baking and this recipe is easy enough for them to follow with just a little help from Mum or Dad.

The perfect dessert to accompany your Easter dinner, and is one of those Easter activities for kids that adults will enjoy too!

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#36. Head to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo is always a great day out, but at Easter time it will be eggstra special, and there are usually lots of Easter activities for kids!

#37. Fly a Kite

Sometimes the old ideas are the best! Kite flying is also very relaxing. There is bound to be a windy day over the Easter holidays, so have your kite at the ready and get out for some fresh air as a family.

#38. Make Egg Shakers

Get some plastic eggs and open them up. Decide what you want to put inside your shaker- rice, beans, lentils are good choices. Fill the bottom part of the egg almost to the rim, then glue the two egg halves together. Why not make a variety of egg shakers, each with different sounds?

#39. Go to the Playground

Head to one of the best resources for kids every town or city has to offer – the local playground! Why not bring a picnic with you too and throw in an Easter egg to share to boost energy levels after all that swinging, sliding, running, jumping and skipping!

#40. Create a Laser Grid

laser game

All you need for this ingenious activity is some string or wool, sticky tape, and a hallway.

You need to create a grid using the string that the kids will then attempt to pass through without touching the “laser beams”. Anyone who does touch the laser has to return to the start line again. You can begin with an easy grid and increase the level of difficulty with age and ability.

It will occupy them for hours – and you may even want to have a go yourself! Think of it as stealthy Easter Bunny practice…

#41. Plant Sunflowers

Growing sunflowers is a really fun gardening project to do with kids. They will love seeing the sunflowers growing taller and taller, they might even be taller than your child!

They are a fun, bright flower to grow and you can even harvest their edible seeds as well.

#42. Skim Stones

Apparently skimming stones is a skill! But if you can find a small rounded, flat stone you should manage to skim it enough to impress your little ones. Head to the beach and see who can get the most skims.

#43. Go Swimming

Create your own waves in the pool and lap up the freedom the water brings. Better still head to a waterpark if there is one near you. Splashing, slides and lots of smiles!

#44. Blow Some Bubbles

free things to do with kids

Blowing bubbles should lead to giggles! Use different blowers for a range of bubbly fun. When all the bubbles are used up, why not try making your own bubbles using washing-up liquid, sugar and water.

#45. Go Camping

Weather permitting, camping is great fun and a chance to get hands-on with nature. Many fond memories are created sitting around a campfire telling jokes or scary stories and watching the stars at night.

#46. Take a Day Trip

Take a day trip to a historic town or to a local attraction that you’ve never visited before. Be a tourist in your own area and discover the hidden gems!

#47. Make Easter Masks

Make Easter masks using paper plates and paint. Start by deciding if you want to be a bunny, chick, lamb or something else seasonal. Have an adult cut out the eye holes, then have lots of fun decorating with paint, stickers, string or wool for hair, cotton balls for wool, etc. You could use card to cut out extra pieces (eg bunny ears) and stick them on too.

#48. Make a Photo Album

Print out some family photos and make your own album of favourites. Give it an Easter twist with some photo props like bunny ears and ‘Hoppy Easter’ signs and stickers!

#49. Play Let’s Pretend

Reverse the roles and let the kids pretend to be the grown ups and the parents be the kids. Be sure to let them make lunch for fussy eaters and referee an argument for the true parenting experience…!

#50. Eat Some Chocolate!

We’re sure there are a few chocolate eggs floating around by now after all the egg hunts and Easter fun, so maybe it’s time to enjoy a little!

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