Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Thinking of holding an easter egg hunt at home? Here are 5 easter egg hunt ideas for the family easter egg hunt to make sure it goes eggs-actly to plan 🙂

eastereggs  #1. Use different coloured eggs or different zones

If you have mixed ages doing the easter egg hunt, then use different colours of eggs or different zones of the house or garden for different age groups.  This will save the younger ones getting trampled in the rush, or the older kids finding all the eggs before the younger ones do.

#2. Make it a Treasure Egg Hunt

  • Create a treasure map on a sheet of paper
  • Cut it into pieces
  • Put one piece of the map inside several hollow eggs
  • They have to find all the eggs to reassemble the map to lead them to the “treasure”.

#3. Create an Easter Spider Web

Create an Easter spider web by tying the end of a ball of string to the kids’ bedroom door handles then making a long trail out of it which they have to follow all over the house, in and out of furniture, etc. until they reach the eggs.

#4. Hunt For Their Names

Put names in hollow eggs and have them hunt for their own name. If they find someone else’s name, they have to put it back. Alternatively, use stickers with their names on the outside of chocolate eggs. They can then hand over their name eggs for chocolate versions.

#5. Set Boundaries for Outside Egg Hunts

Set boundaries for outside easter egg hunts to avoid the kids going off to some “non-egg area” and being disappointed.  Tell the kids they have to hop around while they are hunting (good for tiring them out!).

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Have you held an Easter Egg Hunt at Home? How did it go? Tell us in the comments below!

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