15 Cutest Ever Easter Crafts For Kids

easter crafts for kids

Wouldn’t be really Easter without cute chicks, bunnies or eggs! So “crack” out the craft supplies and prepare yourself for 15 of the Cutest Ever Easter Crafts for Kids:

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#1. Paper Strip Easter Egg Art

This Paper Strip Easter Egg Art is a lovely idea using strips of different coloured and patterned paper to make up an Easter Egg within a template. Be lovely framed.

easter crafts for kids


#2. Easter Egg Garland Craft

This Easter Egg Garland is a great idea to use up those paint colour cards that you pick up when you’re redecorating. Just cut into ovals, hole in the top and string together with ribbon or twine.

easter garland

Found on Pinterest

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#3. Paper Plate Easter Chick

Nice simple project painting paper plates and then making cute accordion style legs for the Paper Plate Easter Chick:

easter crafts for kids


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#4. Paper Tissue Easter Egg

Here’s a cute and easy Easter craft to bring a bit of springtime colour indoors. Making Tissue Paper Easter Eggs is a fun and simple craft suitable for toddler, kids, mummies and daddies!


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#5. Bunny Craft

Aren’t these Toilet Paper Bunnies cute? And so easy to make with just a toilet paper roll, pens, scissors and glue (oh yes and chocolates)

easter craft for kids


#6. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Kids will love to watch as the crayons melt creating a cool marbled effect on the eggs with this Melted Crayon Easter Eggs project. Almost like magic!

easter crafts for kids

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#7. Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Here’s a fun and simple Easter craft that you can do with the little ones, making Easter Egg Carton Chicks.  Repurpose those egg cartons to make these cute candy-filled chicks.

easter crafts for kids


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#8. Cheeky Chick Popup Easter Card

Our Cheeky Chick Easter Card project is available to download for free, all you will need is some white and coloured paper, colouring pencils or crayons and scissors. Glitter and feathers are optional to decorate!

easter crafts for kids

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#9. Mini Easter Egg Piñatas

Little balloons make the perfect egg shape, we love this Easter Egg pinatas project, and each child can have their own.

easter crafts for kidsFabulouslyfrugal.com

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#10. Easter Egg Mosaics

Decorate for Easter with these simple Easter Egg Mosaics!  Children of all ages can have fun making their own designs on the eggs, and it’s a great activity to help preschoolers learn their colours.  Except for the glue, these mosaics don’t cost anything to make, and can be made entirely from recycled materials.


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#11. Bunny Mask

Isn’t this little bunny mask adorable? Cut out the middle of your paper plate, attach some ears and whiskers made from card (curled at the ends) and attach a lolly stick to hold up the mask by.

easter crafts for kidsImage found on Pinterest 

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#12. Bunny Ears

This is a nice idea, using fabric and a headband with wires to make bunny ears for your child:

easter crafts for kids


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#13. Easter Egg Chick Piñata

How about making this fabulous Easter Chick Piñata or Decoration! While this little fella looks difficult to make – he is really quite easy: all that is required is patience.

easter chick pinata

#14. Fingerprint Bunnies and Chicks

Create the cutest little bunnies and chicks from finger and thumbprints for Easter cards.

easter crafts for kids


#15. Paper Daffodils

With a star shaped cookie cutter and orange and yellow paper you can make these sweet paper daffodils for either flowers on stems or for Easter bunting.

easter crafts for kids


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Have you got more ideas you can suggest for Easter crafts for kids? Share them with us in the comments below.

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