50 Simple Ideas for Rainy Day Activities for Kids by Age

Jill Holtz

June 18, 2018

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Ah the joys of being stuck indoors. The weather outside is frightful but you can make sure the time inside is delightful.

If your child is saying “I’m bored” then we’ve got you covered. Here are 50 Simple Ideas for Rainy Day Activities for Kids by Age:

Rainy Day Activities for Kids of All Ages

From toddlers to older kids, these ideas are all fun and will help to while away some time while the weather outside is wet.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the rain easing, so that as soon as there’s a rain break, you can head outdoors for the kids to let off some steam!

Rainy Day Ideas for All Ages


1. Have a fashion show

2. Play charades

3. Experiment with new hairstyles

4. Play a game of cards

5. Create an art wall with everyone’s artwork

6. Make shadow puppet shows with your hands

7. Play a board game

8. Bake a cake or cookies

9. Play “The Floor Is Lava”

10. Make a family tree together

Ideas for Rainy Days for Toddlers

no glue crafts for preschoolers

11. Go to the library for story time

12. Play Simon Says or What’s the Time Mr Wolf

13. Have a disco with musical bumps/chairs/statues

14. Make a comfy den with pillows and twinkly lights for story time

15. Play together with blocks or Duplo

16. Make finger-paint masterpieces

17. Do a jigsaw puzzle

18. Have a puppet show with socks

19. Sing songs together

20. Enjoy water play or sand play

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Rainy Day Activities for Kids Aged 5-8

lego minecraft

21. Make a music playlist

22. Make an obstacle course throughout the house

23. Play Hide and Seek or Sardines

24. Have an indoor beach party with towels and snacks

25. Do an at-home facial together

26. Build an indoor fort with blankets

27. Tackle one of the challenges on our Lego Challenge

28. Play dress-up with costumes

29. Create a collage with magazines and glue

30. Listen to an audiobook

Rainy Day Ideas for Tweens

tweens last minute birthday present ideas

31. Write letters or postcards to family members far away

32. Try a new card game that you’ve never played before

33. Create a slideshow of your last family holiday

34. Colour a mandala

35. Try guided meditation with an app or some yoga

36. Make your own scary movie

37. Have a scavenger hunt

38. Create your own family magazine or newspaper

39. Make music with household objects or make a bottle/jar piano

40. Make a fortune teller


From super scavenger hunts and exciting science experiments to creative arts and crafts and active obstacle courses, here are 50 rainy day activities that are easy to do, budget-friendly, and LOTS of fun!

50 Fun Rainy Day Ideas for Kids Checklist - Mykidstime

Rainy Day Activities for Teens

hotels for families with teens in Ireland

41. Teach them to play poker

42. Have an all-day movie marathon

43. Help reorganise their room

44. Cook a new recipe together

45. Learn some origami e.g. hopping origami frogs

46. Watch a horror film together

47. Introduce them to your 1980s or 1990s playlists

48. Have a pillow fight

49. Make s’mores in the oven

50. Write Haikus

50 Simple Ideas for Rainy Day Activities for Kids by Age

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