Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Make You the Coolest Bunny on the Block

Easter egg hunt ideas

Planning an Easter party? Or perhaps you just want to give the kids some good ol’ fashioned egg hunt fun? Here’s Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Make You the Coolest Bunny on the Block and to give them the best party ever!

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Fun Things to Hide for Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunt ideas toys to hide

  • Chocolate eggs obviously!
  • Fluffy chick toys
  • Crayons and Easter colouring sheets
  • Cute stuffed animals eg rabbits
  • Bubbles
  • Lego figures

Ideas for Things to Fill Bigger Eggs

Easter egg hunt ideas filled eggs

  • Chocolate mini eggs or Easter candy
  • Easter themed Temporary Tattoos
  • Small cars or characters
  • Yoyos
  • Money or gift certificate
  • Bubbles
  • Easter themed stickers
  • Lip balm
  • Fun jewellery e.g. rings or bracelets

#1. Rhyming Easter Egg Hunt

Create a set of rhyming clues that the kids follow to find the location of the next clue and so on until they reach the final treasure location.

For example:

“Look outside, search a lot, Somewhere near a flower ***” (Pot) or

“The next place to have a look is where you will find a book” (bookcase)

#2. An Easter Treasure Hunt

Create a proper Easter Treasure hunt with clues to follow.

Or draw a treasure map for your egg hunt showing some of the locations they will find eggs.

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#3. Dark Easter Egg Hunt

For a complete change, hold your egg hunt in the evening. Put glow sticks inside plastic eggs and hide them.

Then turn out the lights if indoors or head outdoors at dusk/when it turns dark and have the kids hunt for them.

#4. Easter Puzzle

On a large piece of paper write a message with the location of the final Easter eggs. Cut the paper up and hide the pieces.

When the kids have found all of the puzzle pieces, they can put the pieces together to read the message and find the big prize.

#5. Colour Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt ideas

If you have mixed ages doing the easter egg hunt, then use different colours of eggs or different zones of the house or garden for different age groups.

This will save the younger ones getting trampled in the rush, or the older kids finding all the eggs before the younger ones do.

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#6. Mixed Up Egg Hunt

We liked this idea on makeandtakes.com where you buy plastic eggs in different colours, the type that can be split in half and you put them back together with mixed colours on top and bottom. You then design sheets showing the eggs that need to be found.

#7. Bunny Money Hunt

Easter egg hunts Ireland and Places to see the Easter Bunny

Hide “Bunny Money” in several of the plastic eggs to buy things at the “Mr Rabbit’s Olde-Style Emporium”. Find fun Easter trinkets and toys at discount stores, sticker them with different price points. Then the kids can “shop”” with their bunny money.

#8. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Give the kids a sheet with a list of eggs and Easter items they need to find, e.g. Find 2 blue eggs, find 3 pink eggs, find 1 yellow chick, etc.

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#9. Easter Spider Web

Create an Easter spider web by tying the end of a ball of string to the kids’ bedroom door handles then making a long trail out of it which they have to follow all over the house, in and out of furniture, etc. until they reach the eggs.

#10. Odd or Even Egg Hunt

Write odd or even numbers on each egg. Line up the kids for the egg hunt and give them each an odd or even number assignment. They are only allowed to collect eggs in their assignment.

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#11. Find Your Name Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt ideas

Write each person’s name on one egg. The first person to finds the egg with their name, wins a prize.

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#12. Reverse Egg Hunt

Give your children at least 5 eggs each and ask them to hide them around the house. When they have finished hiding, mum and dad have to look for them.

#13. Flashlight Hunt

Hide the eggs. If indoors, turn out the lights, if outdoors head outside when it’s dark. Give each child a small flashlight to go on their flashlight hunt to find the eggs.

#14. String Hunt

Leave one end of a piece of string at your child’s bed, then have string lead to their Easter egg cache. If you have more than one child use a different colour for each child.

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Have you organised a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt that everyone went crackers over? Tell us your secret below!

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