10 Inspiringly Quick and Easy Easter Brunch Ideas

easter brunch ideas

If you’re planning on making brunch for Easter, then check out these 10 inspiringly quick and easy Easter Brunch Ideas, guaranteed to make everyone’s tummies rumble and have them scrambling to get their seat at the table!

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#1. Make Ahead Brunch Cups

Mix up hash browns, eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon the night before for tasty brunch bites ready to bake next morning.

easter brunch ideas


#2. Bunny Head Fresh Fruit Platter

Fill a platter with fresh fruit in the shape of a bunny head.

hacks for easter


#3. Bacon and Egg Cheese Wreath

Using crossiant dough, bacon, egg and grated cheese, this cool recipes from Cakescottage.com is easy to make and a real statement piece for Easter brunch.

easter brunch ideas


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#4. Scrambled Egg Easter Bunnies

Isn’t this scrambled egg Easter Bunny the cutest? With bacon strip ears, string cheese whiskers, blueberry eyes and a raspberry nose.

easter brunch ideas


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#5. Easter Bunny Pancakes

Make pancakes of different sized circles and 2 ear shapes then all you need is some skooshy cream, 2 banana slices, some chocolate drops and some strawberries for decoration.

easter brunch recipes

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#6. Mini Frittatas

These Mini Frittatas in a Jar with Asparagus & Pancetta look like a delicious idea for your Easter brunch. They are super cute and easy to make.

easter brunch ideas


#7. Spinach and Herb Torta

This Spinach and Herb Torta is a bit different because it uses potato slices for its crust instead of pastry.

easter brunch recipes


#8. Egg Tarts

These egg tarts can be made ahead and reheated gently in the oven (they are also perfect for lunchboxes!). Serve with a fresh green salad and more sweet tomatoes.

easter brunch ideas


#9. Overnight French Toast

This French Toast recipes is simple and elegant. The best part is that it can be prepared the night before and then just popped in the oven in the morning.

easter brunch recipes


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#10. Peach and Blueberry Smoothies

Whizz up these Peach and Blueberry Smoothies in no time for a delicious drink to accompany your Easter brunch food.

blueberry smoothie

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Over to you now! Do you have any inspiring and easy Easter brunch suggestions? Share them with us in the comments below.

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