6 Surprising Potato Recipes the Kids Will Love

potato recipes

In my house when the kids come home from school, they are like ravenous bears! So I always like to have something ready to feed them before they tackle homework. To celebrate National Potato Day on 6th October 2017 we have teamed up with Potato.ie to pick out 6 Surprising Potato Recipes the Kids Will Love, perfect for after school or a quick supper:

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The great thing about potatoes is that not only are they healthy and nutritious, but they are super versatile and can form the basis of lots of different meal ideas for feeding hungry kiddiewinks. Here are 6 quirky potato recipe ideas to inspire you!


#1. Mexican Beef Lettuce Tacos with Potato Tortilla Chips

potato recipes

Kids will love this recipe for Mexican beef lettuce tacos with Potato tortilla chips as it is fun finger food that they’ll enjoy eating messily! Perfect on afternoons when they have friends over, when you can just place everything on the table and let them all make their own!

#2. Spanish Chicken, Chorizo and Potato One Pot

I often make soup for after school but if the kids are going to sporting activities, I like to feed them something a bit more substantial but which is quick and easy to make. This Spanish Chicken, Chorizo and Potato One Pot recipe ticks those boxes and is ready in 30 mins.


National Potato Day on Friday 6th October celebrates spuds and highlights the versatility of the popular vegetable. Visit www.potato.ie for lots of delicious, quick and easy recipes to help mix up your meals and provide inspiration that will excite the family’s taste buds. 

And in case you needed convincing, here are 6 spud-tastic reasons why we love potatoes:
  1. Potatoes are healthy and nutritious, they are salt-free, low in sugar and a great source of fibre and potassium, yay!
  2. Potatoes are naturally fat-free and saturated-fat-free
  3. Potatoes are gluten free
  4. Our bodies need carbs for energy and the potato is a natural unprocessed carb serving as a good source of dietary fibre 
  5. Potatoes can be quick and easy to prepare and cook
  6. Potatoes are so versatile, forming the basis of lots of different meal ideas

#3. Cheesy Potato Bites

potato recipes

Kids will love these Cheesy Potato Bites, they are perfect for an after school snack. The cheese is enclosed within a coating made up of grated potato and egg, flavoured with a bit of finely chopped onion.

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#4. Chinese Potato Squeaks

potato recipes

Try these delicious Chinese Potato ‘Squeaks’ which are a fun new twist on an old favourite, and ready in just 15 minutes.

#5. Gnocchi with Tomato and Basil

potato recipes

For a change from just regular pasta, get the kids to help make the gnocchi and the sauce (I always find my kids are really into stirring things!) for this Gnocchi with Tomato and Basil Recipe. The gnocchi are tasty pillows of goodness which absorb the tomato and basil sauce perfectly.

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#6. Ham, Cheese and Potato Croquettes

potato recipes

These Ham, Cheese and Potato Croquettes are a real crowd pleaser! The combination of a cheese, ham and silky potato makes for a delicious snack that is surprisingly quick to whip up too.

Over to you now. Did you try any of these potato recipes out? Tell us how you got on in the comments below. 

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