17 Eggs-traordinary Easter Bake Sale Ideas That Are Sure To Impress


So it’s fundraising bake sale time again in your child’s school or club, and you’ve been asked to contribute. Are you in need of some Easter themed sweet treat inspiration? From the cutest chick and bunny cupcakes, to tasty Easter cakes and cookies, here are 17 Eggs-traordinary Easter Bake Sale Ideas That Are Sure To Impress!

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Easter Cupcakes

#1. Easter Nest Cupcakes

Use chocolate icing strands to give the effect of nest twigs. Then pop some mini easter eggs on for the cutest Easter nest cupcakes. Sweet!

easter cupcakes

Image found on Pinterest

#2. Chick Easter Cupcakes

These cute chick cupcakes have been decorated with coconut coloured yellow with food colour, googly eyes and a jelly bean beak.

You can buy the candy eyeballs on Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.com.

easter cupcakes

Image via Mommysavers

#3. Easter Carrot Cakes

It’s always nice if you can provide some healthy options to bake sale tables (there’s a lot of sugar going on there!). Try our healthy carrot cake muffins and add a cream cheese frosting on top then decorate with a carrot made from orange fondant icing with green fondant stalks. Yum!

carrot cupcakes

#4. Bunny Ear Cupcakes

These bunny ear cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake are too cute not to include here! And they’re simply made too. Use your favourite cupcake recipe (I like this one for lemon cupcakes), ice them, and make the bunny ears using marshmallows.

bunny ear cupcakes

Image via Your Cup of Cake

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#5. Rice Crispie Nests

For a quick and easy Easter treat, elevate your basic rice crispie buns by popping some mini-eggs on top to create your crispie nests!

17 Extraordinary Easter Bake Sale Ideas Sure to Impress

Easter Cakes

#6. Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Since chocolate is so synonymous with Easter, a chocolate cake will always be a winner. For a healthier alternative though, try this beetroot chocolate cake recipe from Wholesome Ireland, which is dense and moist.

There is no creaming as you’re not trying to introduce air into the mixture and if you don’t have a stand mixer or electric mixer you can still make this cake with ease.

beetroot cake

Beetroot Chocolate Cake

#7. Easter Lamb Cake

How incredibly cute is this Easter Lamb Cake from Kraft? And it’s simple to make too. This will be sure to stand out on any bake sale table!

easter lamb cake kraft

Image via Kraft

#8. Easter Chocolate Cake

This Easter Chocolate Cake would be make a yummy and indulgent Easter dessert or bake sale idea. It is simply a chocolate cake recipe, that is transformed into an Easter cake, by covering with melted chocolate/double cream and then topped with mini-eggs.

easter cake l

Easter Chocolate Cake

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#9. Vanilla Cake

This colourful vanilla cake recipe is perfect made as a tray-bake for bake sales, as it can transport easily and then be sliced into bars. It’s basically a madeira cake which is baked in a deep roasting dish (20 x 26cm), and decorated with icing and colourful sprinkles or you can add some mini-eggs.

Plain Simple Vanilla Cake - Wholesome Ireland - Irish Food & Parenting Blog

Vanilla cake recipe

#10. Layered Chocolate Cake

Indulgent and sweet –  Ina Garten declared this double layered chocolate cake to be “the most fabulous chocolate cake that I’ve ever made,” when Food & Wine ran her recipe in 2007. You could decorate with some mini-eggs for extra Easter fun.


Image via Food & Wine

#11. Easter Bunny Cake

This adorable sleepy bunny cake from Style Me Pretty would be a great addition to any Easter bake sale table. And it’s simple to make too. Use your favourite cake recipe, decorate with buttercream, and then pop some frosted sugar cookies on top for the bunny ears. Neat!

Bunny Cake

Image via Style Me Pretty

Easter Cookies & Bars

#12. Chick Macaroons

Cute Easter chick macaroons would make a lovely Easter bake sale idea or Easter dessert. If you’re stuck for time, you could buy pre-made lemon ones and just decorate them (and you don’t have to tell anyone either!).

Easter Chick Macaroons

Image via Sweet Explorations

#13. Bunny Oreos

These Bunny Oreos from Party Pinching look almost too good to eat! And they are simple to make too.

bunny oreos

Image via Party Pinching

#14. Easter Marshmallow Chicks

The kids will love helping you make these super easy Easter marshmallow chick pop cakes.


Image via 2wired2tired.com

#15. Egg Hunt Cookie Bars

Julie’s Eats & Treats has a lovely recipe for Easter Egg Hunt Sugar Cookie Bars, topped with green-dyed dessicated coconut grass and mini-eggs, that would be worthy additions to any bake sale table.


Image via Julie’s Eats & Treats

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#16. Easter Chick Cookies

These cute Easter chick cookies from Everyday Dishes will be gobbled up in no time. And they’re simple to make too. If you’re stuck for time, you can just buy the cookies and decorate.


Image via Everyday Dishes

#17. Cinnamon Bunny Cookies

For bake sales, it’s always handy to offer some free-from alternatives for those with allergies. These cinnamon bunny cookies from unconventional baker are vegan, and gluten and sugar-free, so make a healthier alternative to all the Easter sweet treats. A bunny-shaped cookie cutter will make these easier to create.


Image via unconventional baker

Over to you! Let us know your favourite recipes for Easter bake sales in the comments below.

17 Eggs-traordinary Easter Bake Sale Ideas That Are Sure To Impress

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