5 Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas You’ll Enjoy with the Kids


March 27, 2018

Easter egg decorating ideas - Mykidstime

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Easter can often be a bit too sugar oriented, with all those sweet treats and chocolate, so, why not consider crafting your own eggs with the kids this Easter? Here are 5 Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas You’ll Enjoy with the Kids – and which should help keep the sugar rush to a minimum!

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It can be difficult to resist all those delicious Easter treats, what with chocolate eggs appearing at every turn. Take a break from the chocolate egg-stravaganza and instead opt for some of these Easter egg decorating ideas to keep little hands busy.

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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas to Try

#1. Colouring Real Eggs

Of course, the best fun at Easter is decorating your own real eggs. You can either decorate a hard-boiled egg or one that has been ‘blown’. We love this great infographic from Sharri’s Berries which shows you how to prep your eggs, and a neat trick for drying your decorated ones :

Easter Egg Decorating Guide

Via Sharri’s Berries

#2. Melted Crayons Easter Eggs

melted crayonHere’s a creative and easy way to decorate your Easter Eggs this year, with some melted crayons. Kids will love to watch as the crayons melt, creating a cool marbled effect on the eggs. Almost like magic!

All you need are some crayons, a grater and eggs to decorate.

#3. Decorate Pre-Made Hollow Eggs

easter-eggs-featuredIf you would like to decorate eggs this Easter, without the hassle of blowing or hard-boiling, then why not consider some paper or plastic eggs pre-made hollow eggs from the Craft Superstore. Just paint and tie some cute ribbons around the centre for some colourful eggs.

Ninja-Turtles-Easter-EggsYou could also do the same with either blown or hard-boiled real eggs. We love this cute and simple idea for green-dyed ninja turtle eggs from A Pumpkin And A Princess.

sharpie marker eggsMarkers are also perfect for decorating either craft or real eggs? Why not try these creative sharpie-decorated Easter eggs from mom.me?


And for a fun painted and marker combination, check out these monster eggs from Artzy Creations.

#4. Natural Dyed Eggs

how-to-dye-easter-eggs-naturally-1If you would prefer natural dyes instead of food colouring, Mommypotamus has a great guide for dying your eggs using everyday food items and spices to add colour.

#5. Papier-Mâché Eggs

easter egg decoration ideasIf you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty and sticky, then making your own Easter eggs using the papier-mâché technique is worth trying.

You will need a balloon, strips of tissue paper, a brush, glue and some water.

  1. The first step is to blow up the balloon and place it in a glass bowl.
  2. Next, mix some glue with half a cup of water and use it to sweep over the strips of tissue to help them to stick to the rubber surface of the balloon.
  3. Add several layers of tissue paper until the entire balloon is well covered.
  4. Leave the balloon to dry overnight and have fun painting it the next day with the kids.
  5. Choose a colour palette of some similar colours for a theme, which will give your egg the best finish.

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Do you have any other Easter egg decorating ideas to share with our readers? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

5 Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas You'll Enjoy - Mykidstime

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