Easy Plants for Kids to Grow

Jill Holtz

October 20, 2018

easy plants for kids to grow

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In my experience, children love gardening, they enjoy getting their hands dirty and planting seeds. But if you are wondering what kinds of things would be good for them to get started with gardening, then here are some ideas for easy plants for kids to grow:

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Most of these plants can be grown in containers if you don’t have a big garden so don’t let that stop you growing things with your child.

Easy Plants For Kids To Grow

Outdoor Plants for Kids to Grow

Flowers. Pansies, nasturtiums and sweet peas are really quick and easy to grow.

Salad leaves. My kids loved growing and then picking, e.g. lettuce mixes and rocket.

Peas and beans. These will grow quite tall so it’s good to have a frame or something for them to cling to as they grow upwards.

Cherry tomatoes. Kids love picking them when they become ripe.

Start a herb garden. You could have e.g. rosemary, chives and mint in containers.

Sunflowers. These are definitely a winner with kids especially when the sunflower grows taller than them! Here are some tips for growing sunflowers successfully.

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Childs hand with watering can

Indoor Plants for Kids to Grow

Cress is a great plan to start with as it grows really quickly and you don’t even need soil you can grow it on a paper towel even. Try our Fun Cress Gardening Project or why not try growing Eggy Cressheads?

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Another easy to grow indoor plant are Spider plants. You can take a spider plant offshoot and put it in water in a jar, then plant out in compost when roots have formed. These tend to grow very quickly.

Try scented geraniums, they are a nice plant for indoors as the leaves give off a nice scent when rubbed and they flower regularly. As with spider plants, you can root a cutting in water then plant out in pot with compost.

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More Tips For Gardening With Kids


#1. Watch Young Children

When you have young children you need to watch what you plant. No matter how reliable you think your child is, they may decide to eat the seeds and berries they find growing in the garden. So watch them closely when you are in the garden with them.

#2. Teach Them To Recognise Plants

If possible teach them to recognise the edible foods and only to pick and eat when an adult is there.

#3. Take Care with Kids and Plants

Check before you buy plants to make sure they are safe for children. If you move house or are visiting a new garden, be sure to find out about the existing plants and remember even if your children know the difference, visiting children may not. Many poisonous plants have berries that look particularly attractive eg. Yew.

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Over to you now. Do you have any tips to share on easy plants for kids to grow? Share them with us in the comments below.

Easy Plants For Kids To Grow

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