15 Super Easy Preschool Christmas Crafts to Make with Your Child

Kellie Kearney

December 1, 2021

Preschool Christmas crafts

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Grab the glue, some paints and a bucket of patience – here are some of our favourite preschool Christmas crafts to make with your child, and we promise they are super easy!

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If you are anything like me, you have probably been searching Pinterest most days looking for some quick and easy preschool Christmas crafts to do with the kids. With two preschoolers and a toddler, I also need some mess-free activities! Although nothing is really mess-free when it comes to my kids, I can live in hope…

Let’s get started!

Easy Preschool Christmas Crafts

#1. Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments

These adorable reindeer thumbprint ornaments from Little Bit Funky are my favourite! So simple and easy, while adding some individuality to your Christmas tree.

To complete this preschool Christmas craft you will need baubles, a Sharpie and some matte paint.

Reindeer baubles for preschooler Christmas crafts

#2. Melted Snow Man

Fancy making some super cute snowman faces made from blobs of hot glue? This unusual idea from Fun Family Crafts is probably something you’ve never tried before, but it will find a place of pride on your tree over the Christmas holidays.

This one will require some overnight drying time, so we recommend trying one of the below crafts too while you allow it to set.

Melted snowman for preschooler Christmas crafts

#3. Playdough and Bead Christmas Trees

Hours of fun and one you can go back to time and time again. We absolutely love these playdough and bead Christmas trees. First, you will need to make some easy play dough.

This is simple, easy fun. Also, make sure you have a resealable jar or lunchbox to store it in for future play.

#4. Footprint Christmas Tree Card

Need to make someone an extra special card this year? Well with super cute footprint Christmas tree cards, like this one from Messy Little Monster, you cannot go wrong.

This isn’t just a preschool Christmas craft, it’s perfect for all ages from toddlers right up to bigger kids. A keepsake to be treasured by family for years to come.

Footprint Christmas cards for preschooler Christmas crafts

#5. Paper Plate Reindeers

No preschool Christmas crafts list would be complete without Rudolf, our favourite lovable reindeer!

To create this paper plate Rudolf from Chasing Cheerios, the kids will need some paper plates, felt, pom poms, googley eyes, glue and a sparkling imagination. Watch them as they proudly hang the reindeer on your tree.

Reindeer paper plate for preschooler Christmas crafts

#6. Puzzle Piece Wreath Picture Frame

There is nothing more special than a handmade present from a child, especially at Christmas time. It’s an added bonus when you can recycle some old, missing or worn jigsaw pieces to make it!

You could use a few paper plates glued together, card or a frame from the Euro shop as She Knows suggests.

Jigsaw piece Christmas frame for preschooler Christmas crafts

#7. Beaded Candy Canes

Motor skills, motor skills, motor skills! Get them practising their hand-eye coordination with this cute preschooler Christmas craft.

I love when a two ingredient craft can keep them entertained for the afternoon! Grab yourself some beads and some metallic pipe cleaners. Once complete, brighten up the Christmas tree with your own beaded candy canes.

Candy cane ornaments for preschooler Christmas crafts

#8. Christmas Wrapping Paper

Help your preschooler get into the spirit of giving at Christmas time with this uncomplicated Christmas craft from Daycare Daze. It’s as simple as decorating paper with cookie cutters, but you can then use it to wrap your Christmas gifts. Genius!

Homemade wrapping paper for preschooler Christmas crafts

#9. Popsicle Tree

Keep those ice-pop sticks during the summer and transform them into this idea for a Christmas masterpiece from My Life of Travels and Adventures. And while your at it, why not recycle buttons off old clothes too!

Let them use their imagination and decorate their very own Christmas tree to hang proudly in your home. Preschoolers and toddlers will love this Christmas craft.

Lollipop stick Christmas tree for preschooler Christmas crafts

#10. Santa Paper Plate

No Time For Flashcards came up with a great idea – it’s one of the most simple preschool Christmas crafts, and bonus points for being relatively mess-free too.

You will need cotton balls, a paper plate, glue and some coloured card. Take care with the glue that no sticky little fingers get stuck together (or to you!).

Santa beard for preschooler Christmas crafts

#11. Snow Flake Ornaments

Homemade decorations are always superior to store-bought, the thought and creativity that goes into them are always worth more.

Coffee Cups and Crayons shows you how to get stacking those crafts sticks and layer them into the shape of a snowflake to brighten up the tree, the walls or even their bedroom.

Lollipop snowflake for preschooler Christmas crafts

#12. Spiral Snowman

This spiralised craft from Blog Natalino will get your child’s motor skills moving. Let them practice with scissors to create their very own spiral snowman.

You could also make a bunch of these and hang them from the ceiling all around your home. The kids love this one!

Spiral snowman for preschooler Christmas crafts

#13. Santa Beard

A simple craft from Laughing Kids Learn to recreate the big man’s famous beard. Using only a few basic materials, the kids will love the imaginary play that come with this Christmas Santa beard craft.

File this one away for March when you could paint it orange and have yourself a Leprechaun!

Santa beard for preschooler Christmas crafts

#14. Christmas Trees

Recycle some old necklaces or bracelets and use up your craft scraps to create some mini Christmas trees like these ones from Reuse Crafts. You could further the kids’ imagination and help them wrap up some old ring boxes to place under the tree too.

Christmas trees for preschooler Christmas crafts

#15. Button Christmas Wreath

This one should keep them occupied for at least one hot coffee! A stunning preschool Christmas craft from Crafty Morning that would make a beautiful gift for teachers or even grandparents.

This craft is pretty straightforward too – you will need a canvas, glue, some pom poms and a heap of buttons.

Bead wreath for preschooler Christmas crafts

Which of these preschooler Christmas crafts will you be trying with your kids? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

15 Super Easy Preschool Christmas Crafts to Make with Your Child - Mykidstime

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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