Gardening for Beginners: Month by Month Plan

gardening for beginners

It’s always hard at the start of gardening for beginners, as you have no idea what to do when. Here’s a month by month plan with ideas for each season:

gardening for beginners

Remember seeds are much cheaper than bulbs and plants if you and your kids are prepared to wait for them to grow!

Spring Sowing

March: Sow parsnips, carrots, lettuces, peas and plant flowers like lilies, galdoili and stocks.

April: Sow early potatoes, tomatoes, mangetout peas, runner beans, courgettes, and bedding plants. Plant Fruit trees, and bushes and hardy annunals.

May: Sow cabbages, brocoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, squash and beetroot. This is a good time to plant herbs and window boxes and hanging baskets.

Summer Sowing

June: Plant leeks, courgettes and celery.

July: Plant bulbs for autumn flowering plants, e.g. crocus. Plant salad leaves, they can be grown throughout the summer.

August: Sow seeds for plants flowering in spring e.g. snowdrops and to flower next summer including cornflowers and poppies.

Autumn Sowing

September: Plant spring cabbages and any new trees and shrubs before winter sets in. Plant daffodils, tulips, wallflower and lily bulbs to flower in the spring.

October: Plant pansies to flower in winder and summer biennials.

November: Sow broad bean seeds.

Winter Sowing

December: Plant shallots

January/February: If you have a greenhouse now is the time to sow seeds for the coming year. If not, don’t worry you can still sow seeds in trays and keep them in a warm place until they germinate.

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