Halloween Candle Holder Project

Looking for an easy Art & Crafts project for Halloween for your child?  Why not have a go at making our fun Halloween Candle Holders?

My 5 year old daughter and I were looking for something easy and fun to do for Halloween to decorate the house.  Here’s what we did to make Halloween Candle Holders.

#1. Collect Glass Jars

Halloween-Candle-holder1_300x225We started collecting glass jars a few weeks before Halloween.

I ran them through the dishwasher to get the jars really clean and removed the labels and lids as we didn’t need them.

I tried to make sure I had different widths and heights to make the collection interesting.

#2. Get Your Paint Ready

Halloween-Candle-holder2_300x225Once we had our jar collection clean and ready, it was time to organise some orange and green paint with some paint brushes.

I used poster paints which are available in any art shop or e.g. Early Learning Centre.

Small bowls for the different coloured paints is good for smaller people to paint as you can lean the paintbrushes on the bowls.

Halloween-Candle-holder3_300x225#3. Paint Around the Outside

The easiest way to paint the jars is to hold the jar upside down and paint all around the outside.

One coat should do it but if you think it looks too thin, let them dry and apply a second coat.

#4. Make the Mouth & Eye Paper

Halloween-Candle-holder4_300x225Next step is to start making your paper to cut out your mouths and eyes.

If you have black construction paper you can of course use that, but we used a sheet of newspaper and coloured in a big piece black with marker.

#5. Cut out eye shapes and mouth shapes

Halloween-Candle-holder5_300x225Now you have your mouth & eye paper ready.  With a pencil sketch on your mouth and eye shapes and cut them out.

Sketch on mouth and eye shapes and then cut them out.  While the paint is still wet stick your eyes and mouths to the jars.

This saves you having to glue them on, but if your paint has dried quickly, you can always apply a little glue.


#6. Leave to dry

Make sure the paint is completely dry before your final step.

Put a tea light in each jar, arrange your collection in windows with your scary faces pointing outwards and light your candles.

Perfect for Halloween night!

Did you try making our Halloween Candle Holders? How did you get on? Tell us in the comments below!

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