30 Fangtastically Fun Halloween Projects For Kids

Jennifer Buttner


September 16, 2016

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Halloween is such a fun time of year for getting creative at home – the spookier the better, in fact! From craft and decor ideas to pumpkin carving and recipes, here are 30 Fang-Tastically Fun Halloween Projects for Kids. Hauntingly good Halloween ideas guaranteed to keep your little darlings from turning into zombies!

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#1. Spooky Halloween Candle Holders

Why not have a go at making our Halloween Candle Holders? The kids will love decorating the jars, and they look great when lit for Halloween night.


#2. Spider Ring

Use pipe cleaners and a pom-pom to make this simple Spider Ring from Crafts by Amanda. Easy for kids to make and fun to wear! This would also make a great Halloween party project – just pile all the supplies in the middle of the table and let the kids go to town.


Image & Instructions via Crafts By Amanda

#3. Bake Malteser Spider Cookies

These Easy Malteser Spider Halloween Cookies for Kids by Irish Baking Adventures, are the perfect recipe for a Halloween bake. They cook in 15 mins, and even young kids can help with the decoration, because tiny hands are perfect for this! They almost look too cute to eat!

Halloween spider cookies 2

#4. Haunted House

Why not get the kids to make their own Haunted House this Halloween? This project from sarahjane even has handy template for the house which you can cut out, and then decorate what spooky characters are peering out from the windows!


Image & Instructions via sarahjane

#5. Hand-print Spider Cards

These hand-print spider cards from Happenings of the Harper Household would make great Halloween party invitation cards, or just some lovely seasonal pictures.

Spider Hand Print Card

Image & Instructions via Happenings of the Harper Household 

#6. Ghost Pops

Younger kids will enjoy making these easy Ghost Pops from The Chirping Moms. Simply made using tissues, lollipop and string, the kids will be playing with them in no time!

ghost pops

Image & Instructions via The Chirping Moms

#7. Make Monster Teeth Cookies

If you’re planning a Halloween Party or just looking for some fun Halloween recipes to make this year, try making these Monster Teeth Cookies with the kids. They’re super easy and look great too.

monster teeth

#8. Halloween Cone Girls

Your kids will love making these cute Mr. Printables Halloween Paper Cone Girls and then dressing them up in their spooky costumes. The printable file has 6 costumes – skeleton, mummy, spider woman, pumpkin, witch and candy cone, and two cute little pets.


Image via Mr Printables

#9. Fuzzy Spider

Paging Supermom’s Fuzzy Spider craft is really quick to make, using black wool, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Plus, when you’ve finished the spiders, why not make them a spider’s web?


Image & Instructions via Paging Supermom

#10. Bake Halloween Cake Pops

Cake pops are the perfect party food, being on a stick and portable. We had a go at making our own Halloween Cake Pops last year and the kids loved them – I reckon your kids will too!

#11. Felt Toy Bat

Get the kids to make their own Toy Bat this year using this project from Activity Village, which has a template for the felt shape. Younger kids will need some help with the sewing, but can still have fun decorating their bat.


Image & Instructions via Activity Village

#12. Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings

How clever is this idea for life-sized Tape Resist Skeleton paintings from the artful parent? Not only do the kids create some cool art, they can learn a bit about the bones and body as they go!


Image & Instructions via the artful parent

#13. Halloween Play Dough

Make your own play dough for Halloween, using different colourings, and pop into your own homemade decorated character containers, like these from the idea room, for a neat Halloween gift or party favour.


Image & Instructions via the idea room

#14. Bake Monster Toes

We love these lime flavoured Monster’s Toes from Kraft. They are so easy to create and are ready in just 30 minutes, so are ideal for making with the kids. You could try make them slightly longer to create monsters fingers too!

Halloween cookies Monsters Toes from Kraft

Image via Kraft

#15. Hang Halloween Bunting

Why not decorate your house this year with your own Halloween Bunting? Anything spooky goes: pumpkins, ghosts, bats and witches hats!


#16. Frankenstein Monster Can

We adore this clever project for recycling your household waste into this cute Frankenstein Monster can, from Craftideas.info.


Image & Instructions via Craftideas.info

#17. Make Halloween Frog Bog

The kids will love making and drinking these Halloween Frog Bog drinks from A Few Shortcuts. There’s a video on their blog, to guide you through making them too.



Image via A Few Shortcuts

#18. Creepy Cubes

What a super, simple idea for Spider Ice Cubes– the perfect Halloween addition to any drinks! Freeze rubber/plastic spiders in ice cube trays filled with orange juice. When the cubes are frozen, fill your drink cup with ice cubes then add your soda or juice.

spider ice

Image via Fahrenheit350.blogspot.co.uk

#19. Black Widow Pumpkin

Instead of carving all your pumpkins, why not get some smaller ones to decorate too? Using black paint, black pipe cleaners for legs and then some googly eyes, kids will enjoy making this alternative black widow pumpkin from Rachel Ray Every day.


Image & Instructions via Rachaelraymag.com

#20. Halloween Mummies

Make these incredibly cute Halloween Mummies from Craftaphile, using styrofoam balls and muslin, and add floral wire for the legs.


Image & Instructions via Craftaphile

#21. Google Eyed Pumpkin

Get creative with your pumpkin-carving this year with this fun idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Cut a lid and hollow out, make some hands and attach googly eyes for this cute face peeking out of your pumpkin.


Image & Instructions via Better Homes and Gardens 

#22. Glowing Monster Slime

It wouldn’t really be Halloween without some gooey slime, and what better fun than creating this Dr. Hows Science Wows version that glows in the dark?

green slime

#23. Create A Witch’s Hat

If your child is planning on being a witch this Halloween, then they’ll need a hat! Have them make their own Witch’s Hat using this project from 4 Crazy Kings, which they can decorate as they like.


Image & Instructions via 4 Crazy Kings

#24. Bat Costume

Craft your own Bat Costume this year with this DIY project from alpha mom. Sewing is required so adults will need to help younger kids.


Image & Instructions via alpha mom

#25. Make Your Own Pumpkin

Since pumpkin carving is not really suitable for younger kids, why not let your little ones make and decorate their own pumpkins this Halloween?


#26. Play Halloween Bingo

The perfect Halloween Game for all ages, and ideal if your youngest is too young to go trick or treating but would enjoy playing a game with the spooky visitors to the house! Download and print out this free Halloween Bingo Game.


#27. Paint Spooky Nails

How about creating some funky Halloween nail art this year, to enhance your costume? We’re loving these googly eyed nails from Ifeelpolished.com. More ideas in Achingly Awesome Halloween Nail Design.


#28. Make Your Own Halloween Mask

Make your own Halloween mask from a variety of templates at Mr. Printables. Getting the kids to choose which one will be the difficult part! There are also blank versions available of all the templates so you can design your own version alternatively.


Image & Instructions via Mr. Printables

#29. Make Pumpkin Pancakes

Add pumpkin to your pancakes for the perfect Autumn/Halloween breakfast treat. Get the kids involved – Kitchen Treaty has a recipe for super-tall, fluffy and moist, Pumpkin Pancakes which uses a mixture of spices. Or Food.com has a recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes that should also be a real hit with the kids.

Recipes for Healthy Pancakes Egg Free

#30. DIY Halloween Loot Bags

If your kids go trick or treating, they’ll love this project for making their own loot bags from Hellokids.


Image & Instructions via Hellokids

Over to you! What are your favourite Halloween projects to do with the kids? Let us know in the comments below.


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