50 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids


October 14, 2015

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“Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!” It’s Halloween again! A week of no school runs is great, but after the first few days, it can be quiet scary trying to think of ways to occupy the kids.  But don’t fret, here are 50 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids, to keep your little darlings from turning into zombies!

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1. Carve a Pumpkin

Hit the shops to find the perfect pumpkin for your home.

  • Cut a circle out of the top of the pumpkin large enough to fit your hand through.
  • Once you have scooped out all the seeds and pulp from the inside, draw your desired face on the outside using a marker. You can make it look as scary as you like.
  • Then carve out the features you have drawn.
  • Place a tea light inside to create an eerie glow.

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2. Make our Shop for a Halloween Costume

15 Homemade Halloween costumes headerWhether you want to dress in a traditional costume such as in the guise of a witch or skeleton or decide to go for something contemporary, costume shopping/making is great fun. But beware, your reflection may terrify you!

Here are 15 Homemade Halloween Costumes Kids will Love making and wearing. And some more ideas in our Spooktacular Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids.

3. Grave Yard Cupcakes

How about making some spooky Halloween cupcakes.

  • Make chocolate cup cakes as you would normally, or use our Easy Cupcake recipe.
  • Ice them using chocolate icing.
  • Using a white or red icing pen write RIP on a piece of biscuit and stand it in the icing on top of the cupcake(so the cupcake then resembles a tombstone).
  • Place the cupcakes on a large cookie sheet that has been covered with green paper.
  • Place paper ghosts and bats randomly through the graveyard.

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4. Make Spooky Decorations

Halloween-paper-chains-GhostsIt’s fun to make your own Halloween decorations. Decorate your house with these Halloween paper chains.

Ghosts, bats, pumpkins, and witches’ hats will add to the scare factor of your haunted house! We’ve lots more ideas in our 10 Devilishly Delightful DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas.

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5. Balloon Ghosts

  1. Cut the handles off 2 plastic shopping bags.
  2. Leaving the seam intact, cut the bags into strips. Blow up a white balloon and tape the plastic bags around the end of the balloon (tape the bags in a circle a few inches from one end of the balloon).
  3. If you plan on hanging the ghost up as a decoration, tape the plastic bags around the plain end, leaving the tied end of the balloon exposed so you can tie a string to the top of the ghost.
  4. Using a black marker, draw two eyes and a mouth on the balloon.
  5. You now have a spooky ghost that you can use as a Halloween decoration or as a toy (but not for very young children). This ghost flies really well!

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6. Haunted House

Jump in the car and drive about searching for any haunted houses (vacant or old properties) near you. Once you find one, return in the dark with your torches and go exploring. if you dare!!

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7. Ghost Poop Race

Halloween girl witch on broomstickThis game is a relay race to see which team can transfer their “Ghost Poop” to their bowl at the finish line. You will need: white packing peanuts, 2 large spoons, 4 large bowls & masking tape.

  1. Mark a starting line using the masking tape.
  2. Put a bowl at the start line and the finish line for each team. Fill the 2 starting line buckets with packing peanuts (ghost poop) and lay a spoon next to or in each bowl.
  3. The first child on each team will pick up one “poop” and place it on their spoon, they will carefully walk their peanut to the finish line. They are not to hold the poop on the spoon, but if they do drop it, then they may use their hand to pick it up (eugghh!!!!) and put it back on the spoon and continue on. Once they get to the finish line they are to drop the poop in their bucket and walk back to their team, handing the spoon back to the next person in line and the first child will go to the back of the line.
  4. The winning team will be the one that transfers all the ghost poop first.

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8. Play Halloween Bingo

This is a fun game to play with the kids. Download Halloween Bingo here.

Halloween_egg_carton_bats9. Egg Carton Bats

Make these simple, cute egg carton bats as follows:

  • Separate 3 cups from an egg carton.
  • Cut out part of the bottoms of the 2 outside cups to resemble bat wings.
  • Add googly eyes, a mouth, and decorate.
  • Hang it from a string or a rubber band.

10. Go Trick or Treating

The highlight of Halloween for many kids, is Trick or Treating. It’s so much fun knocking on you neighbours’ doors in disguise and letting them try to guess who you are. And not forgetting all the goodies!!

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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