Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids


Yes there’s always candy at Halloween but it’s good to have some alternatives for your child, so we have rounded up some cool ideas for Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks for kids:

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#1. Jack O’Lantern Oranges

Easy peasy! Just mark fun faces onto oranges or tangerines to make Jack O’Lantern Oranges!

Halloween oranges


#2. Ghost Bananas and Tangerine Pumpkins

Use some chocolate chips for eyes on bananas cut in half. Use celery to make the pumpkin stalks for tangerine pumpkins.



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#3. Witch Broomsticks

Tie cheese strings to pretzel sticks with chives to make Witch Broomsticks


#4. Mummy Hot Dogs

Wrap hot dogs in ready made biscuit dough to create fun mummy hot dogs

mummy hotdogs


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#5. Veggie Skeleton

Create a fun veggie skeleton on a platter with some veggie dip for the head. Kids will love the idea of eating this helpless guy’s “bones”

veggie skeleton

Feeding Frenzy

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#6. Witches’ Fingers

Make these suitably spooky Halloween Witches’ Fingers from puff pastry with pumpkin seed “nails”


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#7. Chocolate Fruit

Dip banana slices, strawberries, pineapple and other fruit chunks in melted chocolate for a quick treat.

chocolate bananas

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Do you have a healthy snack suggestion for kids? Share it with us in the commments below.

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