50 Awesome Autumn Activities for Kids


As leaves are starting to fall and Autumn arrives, it’s a great season to get kids involved and creative! Here are 50 Awesome Autumn activities for Kids.

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1. Bird Watching

Try some bird watching, either from your garden or on a walk. Take binoculars with you and perhaps a book on birds and see how many you can spot. Here’s our pick of 5 great Nature books for kids. See if you can spot animal tracks.


autumn_leaves2. Go leaf peeping

View and photograph the beautiful autumn foliage in your garden, on the way to school or in the park or woods.

Make a scrap book from the leaves, trying to identify each leaf type. They will be perfect for paint patterns too.

3. Autumnal Mask

Make an Autumnal mask out of leaves. Collect a variety of autumnal leaves and arrange them together before gluing them in place onto a cardboard backing. Attach string or elastic to the back or else attach a little twig to the side of the mask for you hand to hold onto.

4. Go for a hike

Keep the trail easy, mileage low and have a good general idea of the hiking area. Bring a box or backpack with you to collect little treasures symbolic to the time of year such as pine cones, acorns etc.

From finding something fluffy to finding something edible check out our free nature scavenger hunt list to occupy the kids while walking, or have a look at our Scavenger Hunt list for a walk.

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5. Buy a bale of hay

As a child, I remember having so much fun with my family and friends messing with hay. From the stories told sitting on the hay, to rolling around in it and even being scolded for having my fuzzy hair full of hay when I came in for dinner.

6. Collect colourful autumn leaves

Bring them home and make your own leaf collage.

7. Make a pine cone bird feeder

pine cone bird feederIt’s really simple to make a pine cone bird feeder:

  • Tie a bit of string around a pine cone.
  • Lather on some peanut butter and then shake bird seed over it.
  • Hang outside and watch the birds flock to it.

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8. Plant bulbs in your garden for next spring

Tulips and daffodil bulbs are readily available from September in shops as well as garden centres and don’t forget about the snowdrops and crocuses too. Let the kids pick their own selection and allocate them a spot in the garden to plant their own bulbs.

Here’s How to make Gardening Fun for Kids, Tips for Making the Garden a fun Place to be10 Great Garden Chores for Kids.

9. Take a drive in the country

Autumn is such a lovely time in nature, so make the most of it, and take a drive to the countryside to see the leaves turning on the trees, and admire all the signs of the season around you.

10. Head to the library.

The library is a great place to spend some time, no matter what time of the year. But for the season that’s here, why not borrow a book about Autumn, and learn some of the Autumnal traditions from around the world.

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Playing Autumn Leaves11. Jump in a pile of leaves

Preferably not the ones the ones your neighbour has just raked up! Run through them and see who can kick them up the highest.

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12. Leaf People

Have the children glue a leaf on a piece of paper, and draw legs, arms, and a head to create a person.

13. Bake

Baking is fun anytime of the year, but why not make the most of the seasonal produce available at this time of year, and bake an apple or perhaps a pumpkin pie. Here are 11 Easy Halloween Cookie Recipes for inspiration.

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14. Make Toffee apples

This is a great Halloween activity for kids, and is a perfect activity if you hosting a kids Halloween party.

14. Carve a pumpkin

Halloween pumpkinVisit a pumpkin patch in time for Halloween, and carve a pumpkin. Will it be scary, funny or evil looking? Here are 10 Enchantingly Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.

Don’t forget to keep the pumpkin flesh and seeds to make some delicious  Pumpkin Recipes the Family will Love. 

Younger kids might find it easier to create their own pumpkins, with this free downloadable.

15. Make Toffee apples

This is a great Halloween activity for kids, and is a perfect activity if you hosting a kids Halloween party.

How to Make

  • Skewer some apples on sticks, and prepare bowls of sprinkles, small jellies/sweets.
  • You will need melted toffee (shop bought/make your own using butter, sugar and salt), and ensure not too hot when kids making their toffee apples.
  • Let each kid dip their apple into the melted toffee and then dip in sprinkles etc.
  • Lay on greaseproof paper to cool.

16. Costume Time

Make your kid’s (or your own) Halloween costume. Need some inspiration? Here are 15 Homemade Halloween costume ideas the kids will love. And from the cute to the scary, ready made costumes to homemade, we’ve got more inspiration in our Spooktacular Halloween costume ideas for kids!

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17. Get Spooked

Visit a haunted house near you or a deserted house or castle ruin…if you dare!

18. Halloween Party

15 Homemade Halloween costumes headerThrow a Halloween party for your neighbours or have your kids invite their friends.

We’ve got the party sorted too with our Halloween Party ideas for Kids – including games to play, Halloween decoration ideas,  and tempting party food ideas to keep all the little monsters happy!

19. Sound Scavenger Hunt

How about something a bit different to do outdoors? Here’s our free Sound Scavenger Hunt to download and enjoy while you are out in the forest or woods.

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20. Decorate the driveway or footpath with chalk leaves

Simply place a leaf on the ground and trace around it using chalk. Then remove the leaf and colour in your outline. You could even do a pattern of leaves along the footpath to resemble footprints.

21. Leaf Rubbings

stock-photo-12569984-leaf-changing-color-from-brown-to-red-and-greenMake some leaf rubbings, from the leaves you have collected. Let your child place a leaf under a piece of paper, and rub the paper with crayon, and the leaf shape will appear. This works much better with green leaves.

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22. Collect Pine Cones

Collect pine cones and display them in a glass bowl. You could let the kids paint them a variety of colours first, or why not make some fun crafts together? Here are 12 Simple Pine Cone Crafts for Kids.

23. Horse Chestnuts

Collect some horse chestnuts or conkers that have fallen from a sycamore tree. Pierce a hole in the middle and thread an old shoelace through it. Then challenge a friend or sibling to a conker match. Take turns banging your conker against the other raised one. The first conker to break is deemed the loser.

blackberry24. Go Blackberry Picking

Bushes should be ripe with blackberries from August onwards so go blackberry picking together.

Once home, and if there is any left, stew the blackberries with some apple to form a yummy compote, that will be perfect with custard, on porridge, or on yogurt.

25. Build a Scarecrow

This is a lovely project for the kids to do, particularly if they have helped you with the gardening. And even if the scarecrow is never used in the garden, it’s a fun project to do.

All you need is some old clothes, hat, canes, straw or old newspapers for stuffing, needle and thread, and plastic bag. See how to make this simple scarecrow.

26. Leaf Wreath

Take the children outside and have them collect leaves, twigs and acorns. Cut out the center of a paper plate and have the children paint it brown. After the paint is dry, have the children glue their leaves, twigs and acorns to the plate.

Here’s How Autumn Leaves change colour

27. Scary Movie Night

kids-watching-moviesHave a scary movie night on Halloween. Are you a Monsters Inc fan or Ghostbusters or Gremlins? Or perhaps the newer Paranorman, or Hotel Translyvania. Have the kids set up the cinema, issuing tickets, ushering, making popcorn etc.

Here’s some tips for making your own home cinema.

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28. Make an Acorn Necklace

Thread acorns onto string to make your own seasonal necklace

autumn background with trees and leaves29. Paint an Autumn tree

Sketch the outline of a tree and using fingertips (or old wine corks) dipped in paint, add an assortment of attached, falling and fallen leaves to perfect your picture.

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30. Make Pine Cone Creatures

The pine cone forms the body of the animal and using playdoh add legs, arms, and a face.

31. Make your own bird feeder

Provide some treats for the birds and help the kids make some bird feeders, or source an inexpensive one at the shops. Fill it with seeds and bird mixes and watch from the window as the birds flock to it during the colder months.

apple juice iStock_000004307397XSmall32. Make Apple Cider

Synonymous with Autumn is apples and a warming apple cider.

Here’s a lovely hot mulled cider that the whole family can enjoy.

33. Fly a kite.

The weather should be a lot windier now so it would be perfect for kite flying. You could even try your hand at making the kites.

34. Spot a rainbow

Then follow it to see if you can find the end of it. You may also like these 28 Rainbow-inspired activities for kids.

35. Play Pooh sticks

It you haven’t played this before, you’re missing out! This game can be played on any bridge over running water. Each person playing drops a stick into the water on the upstream side of the bridge. The one whose stick first appears on the downstream side is deemed the winner.

pumpkin_soup36. Get Cooking

Check your cook books for recipes using seasonal produce fruits and vegetables, and then go grocery shopping for them. You could try this warming Carrot, Apple & Ginger Soup, which would be perfect after a country walk. Or we have more soup ideas in our 16 Splendid Soup Recipes that Kids will Love.

If you need some convincing, here’s the 20 best things about cooking with kids.

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37. Build a Den

Keep kids busy on rainy days by making a den.

Layer blankets and duvet covers over a table, or build them up from the floor, leaving room for a doorway. The kids can then add their own finishing touches with cushions, fairy lights and bunting. Use it for playing games, making jigsaws and puzzles. Be warned though – they’ll probably want to even sleep in it!

38. Press some leaves

Let you child gather some “perfect” leaves, big and small ones and different coloured ones. For best pressing results, try to press them within half an hour of finding them and only use dry leaves. Place them between squares of kitchen roll and then inside a book and add weight to the top of the book. Leave for a few days.

rainy day umbrella39. Muddy Prints

Pull on your wellie boots and make some muddy prints on the footpaths. Explore the sizes, patterns and textures. Even if it’s raining, kids love to run and jump in puddles.

Dress them in their wet gear and head out for some rainy fun! Here’s our Top Ten Things to do outside in the Rain & 12 Fun Outdoor Rainy Games.

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40. Head to the beach

Wrap up warm and head down to the beach for a run around while you reminisce those lazy, hazy days of summer. Here are 50 Interesting Things to Do at the Beach with Kids.

41. Go star gazing

StarsGrab a blanket and lie on the grass and gaze at the stars on a clear night, before the weather gets too cold.

See if you can recognise any of the well-known constellations – here are tips on Fun Astronomy for Kids.

42. Sycamore Seeds

Turn sycamore seeds into helicopters. How high can you throw them and how fast will they spin?

43. Climb Trees.

Climb as high as you can and enjoy the view – the world looks so different from the lofty heights of a tree. Get the kids to try measure a tree.

44. Muddy Mess

If you’re fine with having a mess to clean up later, why not squish around in the mud? Get your toes dirty, make a mud pie, or try several other fun activities from Hands On As We Grow.

45. Outdoor fun

kids-playing_largerBefore you have to be inside for the winter months, get your kids playing outdoor games – they might need a little bit of instruction to get started, so have a look at our 20 Great Childhood Games for inspiration.

Can they see their breath when it’s cold yet?

46. Have some Science Fun

Feel free to get a little messy when you tackle these science activities –

47. Have an Autumn Picnic

Once you are wrapped up warm, an Autumn picnic can be great fun. Pack flasks with soup and hot chocolate to keep everyone toasty, and sit back and admire the Autumn colours.

48. Make Autumn playdoh

Use flour, water, salt and vegetable oil but add in spices such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg, to make you own Autumn playdoh. To make your playdoh seasonal in colour too, swap the water for paint (orange, red or brown colours).

Watch how to make playdoh with this super easy recipe

gingerbread_men_recipe49. Bake Gingerbread man.

Don’t you just love the smell of freshly baked gingerbread men?

Here is a very easy Gingerbread Man Recipe that you will enjoy making with your kids!

50. Make leaf cookies

Squish a round cookie cutter to make a leaf shape and then score the top of the cookies to make the vein. Your kids will “fall” in love with them! Here are 8 Easy Cookie Recipes You can Do with the Kids.

Over to you – what Autumn activities do you like to do with the kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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