8 Fun Autumn Activities for Preschoolers


As leaves start to fall and conkers drop from the trees, Autumn’s a great season for getting active and creative with the kids. If you’re looking for seasonal art projects for kids, or outdoor activities with nature, here’s 8 Fun Autumn Activities for Preschoolers.

8 Fun Autumn Activities for Preschoolers

1. Go on an Autumn Walk

An Autumn walk is great way to see and explore what this great season has to offer. It also provides a great opportunity for learning, fun and exercise, so wrap up warm and get outdoors.

Autumn walk

  1. Get your carrier bags/baskets and venture outdoors (no matter what the weather), to see what beautiful changes this season has to offer.
  2. Collect Autumn leaves, twigs, conkers, acorns, pine cones (these will come in useful for some of the activities mentioned below too).
  3. Encourage your little ones to explore freely, to touch, to smell, to see.
  4. Point out any interesting things along your way – spider webs covered in dew, mushrooms, squirrels foraging for food, droplets sitting on the nature bed
  5. Take some photos to look at when you return home.

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