10 Enchantingly Easy Pumpkin Designs

Looking for ideas for decorating your pumpkins for Halloween? Here are some enchantingly easy Halloween Pumpkin Designs:

Enchantingly Easy Pumpkin Designs

#1. Minion Pumpkin Design

Make this cool minion pumpkin with 2 jar lids for the glasses.


#2. Google Eyed Pumpkin

Cut a lid and hollow out, make some hands and attach googly eyes for this cute face peeking out of your pumpkin


Better Homes and Gardens 

#3. Penguin Pumpkin

This is a cute idea and very different, turn your pumpkin into a cute penguin


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#4. Mr Potato Head Pumpkin


Turn your pumpkin into Mr Potato Head! (You can buy push in sets from

#5. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc Pumpkin

With some green paint, green paper legs and a blue cap, it’s Mike!


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