12 Ghoulishly Great Mocktails and Halloween Drinks for Kids

Jennifer Buttner


October 6, 2021

Halloween drinks and mocktails lead

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Hosting a Halloween party? Looking to brew up some spooky concoctions for the kids? From the gross to the ghastly, here are 10 Ghoulishly Great Halloween Drinks for Kids.

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Whip up some gruesome and gorey Halloween drinks with these great ideas to inspire you!

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Haunting Halloween Drinks

Melting Monster Punch

Halloween drinks

Image: The Speckled Palate

This Melting Monster Punch from The Speckled Palate is the perfect Halloween drink for kids and adults!

Made with three simple ingredients, this lemon-lime mocktail is ideal for any Halloween gathering. Plus, the funny little ‘melting’ monster faces will entertain the kids!

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Spooky Halloween Fruit Punch


Image: Simply Happy Foodie

This Spooky Fruity Halloween Punch is so easy to make using just fruits juices and lemonade, and the young trick or treaters will love it

An extra spooky gruesome touch can be added using spooky-shaped ice cube trays, or you could freeze a surgical glove that is filled with water, and pop into your punch bowl, like Simply Happy Foodie has done here.

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Frankenstein’s Punch

Halloween drinks and mocktails

Image: Tesco Real Food

With fiery ginger beer, tangy limeade and scary monster’s eyeballs, this spooky Frankenstein’s punch from Tesco Real Food is a great Halloween party idea that will definitely be a hit this Halloween.

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Monster Mash Hawaiian Punch

Halloween monster punch

Image: Foodie Fun

All the hard work for these Monster Mash punch drinks from Foodie Fun is done with the cups – draw on your favourite monster faces, funny or spooky, and add googly eyes for the full effect!

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Hocus Pocus Punch

Halloween drinks

Image: How Sweet Eats

Apple, cranberry, orange, ginger and all sorts of delicious things combine to make this Hocus Pocus punch from How Sweet Eats so delicious.

While there’s no real ties to the movie, it is lots of fun to make and drink while you watch it!

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Spooky Sparkling Punch

spooky sparkling punch

Image: Rockin Mama

This Spooky Sparkling Punch from Rockin Mama has a ghoulishly green glow which the kids will love, and you can garnish with some jelly worms for added gross effect.

Bat Blood Smoothies


Image: My Fussy Eater

Not all Halloween drinks have to be unhealthy – just look at this bat blood smoothie from My Fussy Eater. Packed with flavour, and only using four ingredients, this smoothie is a healthy hit!

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Ghost Milkshakes


Image: Tom Kat Studios

Vanilla milkshakes are transformed into Ghost Milkshakes with one simple addition – eyeballs! Tom Kat Studios created these fantastic drinks which would be so fun for a party!

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Bloody Shirley Temples


Image: This Grandma is Fun

These cool and creepy Bloody Shirley Temples from This Grandma is Fun are a fun Halloween party drink that your kids will enjoy – provided they don’t gross out too much with the syringes! Just add some grenadine/raspberry cordial to your syringes as “blood”.

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Frankenstein Halloween Smoothie

Lemon slime punch

Image: Make, Bake, Celebrate

This lemon slime Halloween punch from Make, Bake, Celebrate is easy to make and you can switch up the colours as you like. Top with a marshmallow eyeball and you’ve got one of our favourite Halloween drinks.

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Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch


Image: Nourished Simply

This hocus pocus Halloween punch from Nourished Simply gets its colour from naturally coloured ingredients, and is topped with the most delicious mango sorbet!

Vampire Ice Cream Floats

Halloween drinks

Image: Living Locurto

Make these easy Vampire Ice Cream Floats from Living Locurto for a creepy and cute Halloween party recipe.

This would be a great idea for a fun Halloween dessert that we’re pretty sure both kids and adults would love to indulge in!

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Finishing Touches…

Aren’t the marshmallow eyeballs at the top of the page fantastic? You can create your own monster eyeballs as a spooky finishing touch for your Halloween drinks very simply – a cocktail stick, two marshmallows and a black edible pen are all that’s needed.

We also love this idea for spider ice cubes – the perfect addition to any Halloween drinks. Freeze rubber/plastic spiders in ice cube trays filled with water or orange juice and freeze as normal. When the cubes are frozen, have fun surprising your guests with their ‘extra special’ drink!

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12 Ghoulishly Great Halloween Drinks and Mocktails - Mykidstime

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