10 Ghoulishly Great Halloween Drinks for Kids


Hosting a Halloween party? Looking to brew up some spooky concoctions for the kids? From the gross to the ghastly, here are 10 Ghoulishly Great Halloween Drinks for Kids.

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1. Make-a-Face Pumpkin Pop

These Pumpkin Pop bottles from My Sister’s Suitcase are super easy to make – just remove the labels from orange soda bottles (glass or plastic) and decorate with sharpies. Why not let the kids customise their own for the perfect Halloween party activity?

make a face pumpkin pop bottles

Image via My Sister’s Suitcase

2. Spooky Halloween Fruit Punch

This Spooky Fruity Halloween Punch is so easy to make using just fruits juices and lemonade, and the young trick or treaters will love it

An extra spooky gruesome touch can be added using spooky-shaped ice cube trays, or you could freeze a surgical glove that is filled with water, and pop into your punch bowl, like Loveitsomuch.com have done.


Image via Loveitsomuch.com

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3. Mummy Juice Boxes

Wrap juice cartons in white tape and stick googly eyes on to make these simple and oh so cute Mummy Juice Boxes.

mummy juice boxes

Image via Parents.com

4. Vampire’s Kiss

This green Vampire’s Kiss Halloween drink from Life of a Whisk with it’s ghoulish “blood rim” looks awesome and with some food colouring is pretty straightforward to make too. This recipe is an adult-version, but you can make it kid-friendly by replacing the alcohol with lime kool-aid.

vampire kiss

Image via Life of a Whisk

5. Spooky Sparkling Punch

This Spooky Sparkling Punch from Rockin Mama has a ghoulishly green glow which the kids will love, and you can garnish with some jelly worms for added gross effect.

Spooky-sparkling punch

Image via Rockin Mama

6. Boo-nilla Shakes

How awesome are these Boo-nilla Milkshakes from Martha Stewart? And they’re pretty simple to do too – make the ghost faces with melted chocolate painted inside the glass, fill with vanilla milkshake and top with whipped cream. Yummy!

boo-nilla shakes

Image via Martha Stewart

7. Bubbly Potion Punch

Brew up some magic Bubbly Potion Punch with this 2 ingredient recipe from The Mother Huddle. Perfect for Halloween parties as the kids can watch the magic as they make their own potions.

Bubbly-Magic-Potion-Punch-2Image via The Mother Huddle

8. Bloody Shirley Temples

These cool and creepy Bloody Shirley Temples from Made From Pinterest are a fun Halloween party drink that your kids will enjoy (provided they don’t gross out too much with the syringes!). Just add some grenadine/raspberry cordial to your syringes as “blood”.


Image via Made From Pinterest

9. Frankenstein Halloween Smoothie

If you are looking for something a bit healthier this Halloween, this fun Frankenstein Smoothie from Sugar Aunts gives you all of the fun, but without the sugar. With a little clever glass decorating you can turn a simple smoothie into Frankenstein.


Image via Sugar Aunts

10. Halloween Frog Bog

The kids will love these Halloween Frog Bog drinks from A Few Shortcuts. And there’s a video on their blog, to guide you through making them too.


Image via A Few Shortcuts

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We love this idea for Spider Ice Cubes – the perfect Halloween addition to any drinks. Freeze rubber/plastic spiders in ice cube trays filled with orange juice. When the cubes are frozen fill your drink cup with ice cubes then add your soda or juice.

spider ice

Image via Fahrenheit350.blogspot.co.uk

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10 Ghouslishly Great Halloween Drinks for Kids

Over to you! Have you tried these drinks or have you any favourite Halloween drink recipes to add?

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