10 Fun Halloween Crafts Your Kids Will Love


Happy Halloween! Looking for some fun Halloween activities for kids? From haunted houses to mummy candles, here are 10 Fun Halloween crafts your kids will love – perfect for keeping little monsters occupied for hours.

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#1. Halloween Paper Chains

Our Halloween paper chains are an easy and fun Halloween project to do with the kids. Anything spooky goes – pumpkins, ghosts, bats and witches hat! They look great either hung on the walls, or across your windows.


#2. Halloween Candle Holder

Why not have a go at making our Halloween Candle Holders ? The kids will love decorating the jars, and they look great when lit for Halloween night.

All you need to remember is to start collecting the glass jars in the run-up to Halloween, but once you’ve made them. they’ll last from year to year


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#3. Bath Time Pumpkin Face Decorating

This bath-time project from becomingajewelledrose.com, is a great way of entertaining the little ones in the bath, around Halloween. I certainly didn’t know that foam magically sticks to walls and windows when wet! The great thing about this project, is that they can decorate their pumpkin faces time and time again!


Image via becomingajewelledrose.com

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#4. Fun Fuzzy Spider Craft

We loved these cute fun fuzzy spider crafts from Paging Supermom. They are really quick to make, and all you need is black wool, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, scissors and some glue. When you’ve made the spiders, you could then make a spider’s web for them, with just some wool and a paper plate!


Image via Paging Supermom

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#5. Hand Print Spider Cards

These hand-print spider cards from happeningsoftheharperhousehold.net would make great halloween party invitation cards, or just some lovely seasonal pictures. All you need is orange card/paper, black paint, white paint marker, and googly eyes. When painting the hand, don’t paint the thumbs, so you can get “4 legs” each side!


Image via happeningsoftheharperhousehold.net

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#6. Haunted House

Why not get the kids to make their own Haunted House this Halloween? This project from sarahjane even has handy template for the house which you can cut out, and then decorate what spooky characters are peering out from the windows!


Image via sarahjane

#7. Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

We love these cute Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts from iSaveAtoZ. They’re cheap and super simple to make too – just gather up some empty milk cartons in the run-up to Halloween, add some ghost faces, and some fairly lights & voila! you’ve got your halloween milk jug ghosts. Just add some stones to the base of the jugs, to make sure they don’t blow over easily.


Image via iSaveAtoZ

#8. Halloween Cone Girls

How cute are these Halloween paper cone girls from mrprintables.com ? This printable file has 6 costumes – skeleton, mummy, spider woman, pumpkin, witch and candy cone, and two cute little pets. First you will need to make the cone girls and then you can dress them up in their spooky costumes.


Image via mrprintables.com 

#9. Halloween Bunting

This Halloween Bunting from organizeyourstuffnow.com would make a fun decoration for the holidays. Kids of all ages can get involved and they will love decorating the bunting. It’s also quite affordable as is entirely made from scrapbook paper. Could also be adapted easily for Easter/Christmas too!


Image via organizeyourstuffnow.com 

#10. Halloween Mummy Lights

Love these Mummy lights from Hi Sugarplum, and they look super easy to make. All you need are some glass jars or vases, gauze and some googly eyes.

Better again, you can reuse your glass jars after, by afixing first piece of gauze to glass with tape.


Image via Hi Sugarplum

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Over to you! Do you have a favourite Halloween activity to do with your child? Share it with us in the comments below.


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