How To Make Paper Snowflakes


December 6, 2018

how to make paper snowflakes

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? We can’t promise snow on the ground, but you might not notice after decking your halls with easy, handmade Paper Snowflakes! They look great in windows, on presents, walls, your Christmas tree…

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Making paper snowflakes is a favourite childhood memory of mine, so I was happy to try them out with my kids.

As with real-life snowflakes, each paper snowflake you make will be unique if you cut it a little differently.

Here’s How To Make Paper Snowflakes

You will need

  • White paper, e.g. printer paper
  • Scissors


how to make paper snowflakes#1. Using a piece of square paper, fold along the diagonal to make a triangle. (See A)

#2. Fold that triangle in half to make a smaller triangle. (See B)

#3. This is the trickiest bit, fold that triangle onto itself in thirds. There will be little triangle tails at the bottom edge. (See C and D)

#4. Cut off the tails! (See E)

how to make paper snowflakes

#5. Cut into the triangle and Ho!Ho!Ho! unfold it to reveal your snowflake! (See F)

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Now, having mastered paper snowflakes, why not try Michelle’s stunning 3D paper decoration?

What are your memories of making paper snowflakes as a child? Have you made them with your child? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

how to make paper snowflakes

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