Make This Jolly Christmas Countdown Santa Calendar

Christmas Countdown

Inspired by a Pinterest image, we have created this Jolly Santa Calendar, perfect for a pre-Christmas craft and great for doing the Christmas countdown:

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Kids will enjoy helping to make this jolly Santa. You can then cut off each day as the countdown to Christmas progresses.


christmas countdown calendar templateYou will need

What to do

  1. Print and cut out Santa’s body, hat, hat fur, pompom, face, neck pieces. (You can draw your own hat and face too if you want to be very creative!)
  2. Colour in the hat red (leave the fur and pompom white).
  3. Using glue, stick the body to the neck piece.
  4. Stick Santa’s face onto the neck.
  5. Stick on the hat with hat fur and pompom on top.
  6. You can make a hole in the top of the hat and tie a piece of string if you want to hang it or use blu-tak to stick it to the wall.
  7. Every day cut off the bottom day as you continue the countdown for Christmas!

Here’s our final Santa that we made:

santa calendar christmas countdown

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Over to you now. Have you tried this fun Christmas countdown craft project? Tell us how you got on in the comments below. 

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