How to Make a Mini Kids Garden


October 20, 2016

tips to get your kids into gardening

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Here’s a fun project to do with the kids this spring, with a few simple supplies you can create a growing space for them to enjoy. Here’s How to Make a Mini Kids Garden:

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When you introduce your child to growing things you are helping them appreciate where food comes from, it’s getting them outdoors in the fresh air and they will love the responsibility (and freedom) of choosing what to grow in their own “patch”. Here is how to go about setting up a space for them.

How to Make a Mini Kids Garden

To get started you just need a few simple things. A selection of small pots, some potting compost and some seeds. Fast growing ones and edible seeds are good for kids, e.g. cress, rocket, things that they can see growing quickly.

#1. Give Your Child A Pot

Have them fill it ¾ full with compost.

#2. Plant Some Seeds

Check the seed planting instructions for depth of seeds. Plant two three seeds in a pot then cover with some compost. Keep the seed packet for reference for when you plant out.

#3. Water The Seeds

Lightly water the pots and place e.g. on a window sill if it’s still cold outside or in a warm spot in your garden if frosts have passed.

#4. Mark Out Their Space

Next you want to start making their garden space. So pick a small corner or area that you can mark out as theirs. They could use stones to make an edge for their mini garden.

#5. Check Each Day

Have your child check the pot each day to see if the plants have appeared.

#6. Plant Out Seedlings

Once plants have appeared, you want to plant them out in the soil in their mini garden space if the weather is warm enough. Again check the packet for instructions. You may need to thin your seedlings depending on how many seeds ended up in the pot.

#7. Enjoy The Results

Let them harvest when ready if using edible seeds and help make e.g. a salad or egg sandwich with cress.

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