Simple Drawing Games to Get the Kids Creative


Drawing games are a brilliant way to get kids dragging a pencil across a surface and developing the budding artist in all of them.  Here are some simple drawing games to get the kids creative but also have some fun at the same time.

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#1. Nickjr


Make your own creations with this great  colouring and drawing tool from NickJr.  You can colour in the different characters, add your own sequins, cut out stamps  and even add glue to shake glitter over your design.

Includes Dora the Explorer, Boots, Puffin Rock, Alvinn and Peppa to name a few.



#2. Colourwithleo

colour with leo

An ideal way to get your young child familiar with drawing. This interactive site allows your child to learn the basic shapes to form drawings, animals,  structures etc but also works on colour formations, drawing and coloring portraits.

Catch the paint colour, select the correct shapes, solve the painting puzzles and even engage on a Mayan Quest.



#3. Draw your own Cartoon Character


Using a pre-outlined template this drawing game from agame shows you the key areas where to focus your design.  Colour in your creation with different colours and paint strokes.  Add the detail with your pencil.  Once finished you can make it come to life by pressing Animate!

Have some fun!!

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#4. Kids Doodle – Colour and Draw

colour doodle

Kids Doodle is particularly designed for kids with super easy-to-use painting on photo or canvas. It has endless bright colors and 24 beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon, rainbow, crayon and sketchy, etc.

This app support a unique “movie” mode, which can play back kid’s artwork like a small film.  It’s got a built in gallery to store your kids drawing or “Movie” for future reference. Kids will love this!

Available free  on Android and  itunes

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#5. Can you copy what you can’t see?  drawing game

nature store

This is a fantastic game from  Nurture Store, where one child draws something and then verbally explains to another child(ren) exactly how to draw what they have drawn. This is a good way to practice communication skills and get those little heads working together.  Try it out as a party game!


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#6. Blind Contour Drawing


This is a really simply yet powerful little exercise from tinyrottenpeanuts that artists of all ages can use to help train their eyes.  It’s a funny one to do with kids as the results are always amazing.  The idea is that you draw what you see not what you think you see.  Kids do this really early on in their development anyway and this exercise/game brings it to the fore.  Try it on a rainy afternoon – it will get a few laughs!



#7. Lily’s Paint Magic

lilys paint magic

This is a cute one for the girls from freeonlinegames.  With your pots of paints set off on your journey to paint, colour, contour, shadow and add plenty of different touches to get your gallery just right.  You can then save your drawings as your backgrounds.



#8. Paper Cutting Game

paper cutting

This is one to apply your design and creative skills.  Choose your paper size and shape and cut it according to your needs.  Then add some lovely designs, stamps and colours to really bring it to life!  You can go back and forth to really get your perfect design and simply print your final creation. Check out webpaws for full details.



#9.  Wallpaper Art!

artful parent

Have you got a toddler that won’t stop writing on your walls?  Well here is a great solution from Artfulparent that will allow your child continue that creativity but in a more structured way!  Simply hang some sheets of drawing paper (ideally a roll of paper from an arts & crafts shop/stationers ) and draw a selection of picture frames on it.  Then encourage your child(ren) to make their own gallery of their favourite pictures, places or things!

Over to you!  Have you any ideas on drawing games for kids?  Share them with us in the comments box below.


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