20 Fun Kids Party Games and Activities

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If you have decided to bite the bullet and host your child’s birthday party at home, here’s 20 Fun Kids Party Games and Activities to help you decide on kids party games for the day.

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#1. Pass the Parcel

We know it’s an Oldie but it’s a Goodie.  All kids love the thrill of seeing if the parcel will stop at them as it gets passed around the circle.  When the music stops, the child with the parcel unwraps a layer.

Tip: wrap smaller goodies in between layers so that there’s more than one winner during the game.

#2. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Continuing with another classic, draw a Donkey (or other character to go with the theme of your birthday party) and then you’ll need a tail with a drawing pin and a blindfold.  Each child takes it in turns to pin the tail on and the one that gets closest wins.

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#3. Blindman’s Bluff

Clear a big space free of obstacles so no-one trips or head outdoors if weather permits.  One player is “It” and wears a blindfold.  They try to touch the other players without being able to see them, while the other players try to avoid being caught.

#4. Musical Chairs / Bumps / Statues

Another old favourite, you’ll need one less chair than the number of kids playing.  They run around the chairs and when the music stops try to grab a seat.  The last one left without a chair is out and sits out the rest of the game.  Remove one chair and continue.

Musical Bumps: everyone has to bump down onto the floor when the music stops.  Last one down is out.

Musical Statues: everyone has to freeze when the music stops.  Anyone who wobbles is out.

Can be adapted to the theme of the party e.g. Musical Toadstools if fairy theme.

#5. Donuts on a String

Tie donuts in a row (use the donuts with the hole in them!) onto a string and each child has to have a go at eating a donut without touching or licking the sugar off their lips.

“Another option instead of donuts is to buy bagels instead and spread nutella on them – hang them the same way as the donuts – great fun……but have the wet wipes ready!!!” Maria C

#6. Balloon Burst

Put little treats in a balloon like mini yoyos, rings, ping pong balls then blow the balloons up.  The kids have to burst them without using their hands, by sitting on them or jumping on them.

#7.  Hide the Thimble

Another classic. Instead of a thimble we use a bright coloured object or toy and the parent hides it in one room and the kids have to find it.  You can move around the house if you want to vary the game or you could hide more than one of the item.  You can also tell them “Hotter/Colder” to give clues to proximity to the object they are looking for.

#8. Playdough

Make home made playdough and get them to make shapes out of it. Then cook the dough to harden it and once cool, they can even paint them to take home in between other games.

#9. Mummies

Divide the kids into teams and they have to wrap one team member in toilet roll to make them into a mummy within a time limit.

“Great craic playing make a mummy from toilet roll, we had teams of three and each one wrapped one fella like a mummy in toilet roll – great fun” Caroline W

#10. Craft Fun

Set up a craft table where the kids get to make and/or decorate something fun. For example, if you are doing a princess themed party, they could decorate their own crowns or a small fabric bag? For fairy parties, they could decorate a small plate (buy in discount shop) or make their own paper wings.

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#11. Decorate Cupcakes

Kids love doing things with decorations and sprinkles.

“I baked the fairy cakes in advance and then had white and milk chocolate melted in the microwave with a variety of sprinkles and edible toppings for them to decorate themselves.  Each child got to decorate two cakes, one to eat then and there and one for their goody bag”, Jill H

#12. Scavenger Hunt

Hold a scavenger hunt. Prepare a list of 10 or more items that each team has to head outside (or can be done indoors if really horrible weather) to find. First team back wins.

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#13. Pinata Fun

Why not try a Pinata for a change?  Either buy one or have a go at making your own.

“I had my boy’s party at home last year and they all had great fun with a pinata I bought and filled with sweets and small toys etc and it’s still fine so that I can use the next time”, Debbie O

#14. Relay Ball Pass

Divide the kids into teams and give each team a ball or balloon.  The kids have to pass a ball between their knees, no hands allowed, from one person to the next in relay style.  You can also get them to pass from under their necks but that can be harder for younger kids.

#15. The Chocolate Bar Game

You will need:

  • 1 large bar of chocolate on a plate with a knife and fork
  • large boots, large jacket, hat, and gloves, and
  • one dice.

Kids throw dice until someone gets a 6. Whoever gets a 6 quickly puts on all the clothes and starts to eat the chocolate using the cutlery until the next child throws a 6 and then it becomes their turn…

“WARNING: it gets very frantic and kids get very excited. Great fun, much hilarity.” Lycette Y

#16. The Grape On The Flour Game

You will need a plate, flour and some grapes.

Put one grape balanced on top of a mountain of flour.  Each child has to take a turn to slice away chunks of flour without knocking grape.  The loser who knocks the grape ends up with their face pushed into flour – boys love this one!

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#17. Water Balloons

Let the kids throw water balloons at a big target drawn on cardboard.  To make water balloons, just hold the balloon under the tap (you can draw the neck of the balloon over the tap) to fill it gently before tying it.

#18. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Hold an indoor treasure hunt with clues to search around the house to discover treasure in the final spot (e.g. sweets or chocolates).

#19. Dress Up Relay Race

Divide the kids into 2 teams.  They have to take it in turns to put on lots of big person clothes/wellies etc. run up to the top of the room and back, take everything off and next person dresses and so on.

#20. The Memory Game

Have a tray with 20 items on it, e.g. matchstick, orange, pencil, etc. covered up.  Everybody gets a piece of paper and pen/pencil and gets 1 minute to look at the tray when the items are revealed, then they have to remember as many items as they can once it’s covered up again.  The one with the most correct items wins.

Other tips

  • Put any breakables away into one room and make it an out of bounds area from the start.
  • Make sure to have some extra small prizes in case anyone is disappointed at not winning one of the games

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Donut photo credit: shimelle via photopin cc

Do you have a kids party game you could recommend? Share it with us in the comments below.